Why I am putting my scale away.

So today was the 7th day I weighed in at the same or up (1lbs in total). And I realized something:

I'm torturing myself.

I am.doing everything right. I weigh all my food, confirm the food entries, I just started exercising, I eat back 25-50% of my exercise calories. So why do I torture myself with a number?

I can feel my clothes getting looser, I lost 15 lbs last month, I have way more energy than I have recently. I refuse to let a number dictate my attitude.

I know weight fluctuates, I just started strength training and I'm most likely PMSing... I know CICO works... so why do I check on it everyday? So mr. Scale... today I'm breaking up with you. Just for a month and then I will check in with you again, but you're not good for me. Accuracy and persistence is better for me. Spending time being active with my family is good for me. A number on the scale never dictated who I was a 302lbs... so it definitely won't dictate who I'm becoming.

*rant over*


  • vivmom2014
    vivmom2014 Posts: 1,622 Member
    For a minute there I thought you meant your food scale... which could be a big mistake...

    But, yes - I think it's fine to take a break from the *other* scale. Congratulations on your loss and keep it going!
  • KimmyJaneTD
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    vivmom2014 wrote: »
    For a minute there I thought you meant your food scale... which could be a big mistake...

    But, yes - I think it's fine to take a break from the *other* scale. Congratulations on your loss and keep it going!

    My food scale will never be allowed to leave me. Lol

    Thank you
  • Duchy82
    Duchy82 Posts: 560 Member
    Good for you, sometimes it's better to let the scale gather a bit of dust, rather than let it frustrate you. I bet you in a months time you see a good loss again, as you saw last month.
  • strong_curves
    strong_curves Posts: 2,229 Member
    Daily weighing isn't for everyone. It's good that you know it's not for you.
  • Springfield1970
    Springfield1970 Posts: 1,945 Member
    It's good to keep a record though. If I hadn't done so, I wouldn't know for a fact that I always plateau the first few weeks then suddenly drop.
    This means I keep going even though I'm so hungry im licking plates.
    I'm beginning to see a steady few ounces lost a week now, in line with expectations.

    I also weigh every day and average out every seven days to stop the insanity.
  • elaineamj
    elaineamj Posts: 347 Member
    I had that a couple of weeks ago. I did feel bloated so I continued staring at my averaged out weight loss which kept insisting I was on a downward trend. A week later I dropped over 3 lbs. I have been eating out the last couple of days so I am expecting a weight spike sometime soon after all that sodium.
  • MelodyandBarbells
    MelodyandBarbells Posts: 7,725 Member
    Sounds like an awesome break up!
  • TashaaaKayeee
    TashaaaKayeee Posts: 114 Member
    You shouldn't let the scale dictate your hard work! If you're feeling good about your self & feel a difference, then that's great! :) keep up the good work!
  • hotnumber
    hotnumber Posts: 222 Member
    I'm on a 3 month separation from my scale
  • upoffthemat
    upoffthemat Posts: 679 Member
    If you are measuring your food I don't see any problem with ditching the other scale. This is a long journey about lifestyle changes and new habits. The scale needs to be there to make sure we are still eating right, but it doesn't need to be daily or weekly.
    For me it is still at least weekly, but I look forward to a time in the future where I can put it aside for awhile
  • gracepost123
    gracepost123 Posts: 81 Member
    Good job!!! I feel the same way. Torturing myself haha.
  • JustMissTracy
    JustMissTracy Posts: 6,339 Member
    Smart thinking! Don't give the numbers all the power, you're worth more than that xo
  • worsthorse
    worsthorse Posts: 73 Member
    you are a very smart person. most people don't figure this out for a long, long time... do the right thing and the the right things happen. good for you!
  • debtay123
    debtay123 Posts: 1,325 Member
    Good job- I had to learn to take my scale weight every two weeks- sometimes I even wait three weeks- because it can be so much torture when I know I am doing my best- sometimes our clothes get looser, sometimes we just get stronger- it is about a lot more than scale weight
  • enne665
    enne665 Posts: 10 Member
    I agree, good idea! One thing I noticed about tracking my weight on MFP and looking at the reports is that there is a pattern, I lose a couple pounds and then stay steady for several days to a week and then will drop a couple of pounds. Identifying the trend and understanding how my body manages weight loss helps me through the plateaus. I am with you persistence, accuracy and logging my intake is the way to go! Keep up the good work!
  • wanzik
    wanzik Posts: 326 Member
    Good for you! A plain scale doesn't tell the true story. I use an Omron Body Comp scale every Saturday morning and do the full comp. As long as the Fat% is going down I'm happy. When the muscle% goes up, I'm even happier. :smile:
  • Eddie__Jones
    Eddie__Jones Posts: 197 Member
    I am happy you are finding a system and routine that works for you.

    I on the other hand, am a data junkie. I weigh everyday at the same time and record it, then average it every ten days. I like to watch the downward trend off the graph.