Goal Clothes

The last time I lost a substantial amount of weight, I went a little crazy on the clothes shopping. I bought this one dress that I LOVED, but it was rather dressy and I didn’t have an opportunity to wear it. It even still has the tags on it.

Fast forward several years and that dress is now sitting in the back of my closet because I’ve gained 75 pounds from the time I bought it! I’m currently a size 16 – The dress is a size 6.

Despite having moved several times since I bought it and having given many bags of clothes that don't fit to Goodwill, that dress follows me cause I do love it.

This time, the dress has become the goal! I’m going on a cruise in October and desperately want to wear it. I’ve dug out the dress from the back of the closet and put it front and centre, so I can see it every time I open the door. I also took a picture of it with my phone so it reminds me of it.

I WILL wear that dress!

Does anyone else have goal clothes?


  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    i have goal clothes but i only buy one maybe two sizes down AT THE MOST. i move down, and find new clothes to replace them ;)

    i keep things realistic....
  • ragenhay1
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    My sister has a bit of a shopping problem so has a closet full of clothes some with tags still on them. Before I had kids I could fit her clothes so my goal is to be able to raid her closet again! I'm almost half way to my goal weight which should have me small enough to fit everything
  • cross2bear
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    YES!!! This is my motivation tool - I have an outfit from several years ago. Its out of style now, so I wouldnt wear it out of the house, but in that outfit, I felt beautiful and got lots of compliment. So that the one I am aiming for! Fortunately, I have been able to meet other clothing goals so far so it is really working for me as a motivator - I too am going on a cruise in May to Alaska, but I dont have a goal parka in mind!! Good luck!!
  • spookyandslimming
    I don't buy clothes deliberately for this, but occasionally I'll buy something beautiful online that turns out to be a size too small, and I can never bear to return them, so they've become my motivation :smile:
  • Psychgrrl
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    When I gained weight, I carefully packed away my wardrobe. Kept it for many, many years. Wearing it all now and even smaller sizes. You can do it! :smiley:
  • peaceout_aly
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    My "goal clothes" consist of tons of itty bitty Brazilian bikinis that I will be wearing on a trip to Croatia. Man, oh man, do they keep me motivated! Every time I hit a new fitness goal (leg press maxing out at 365; squatting 180; etc.) I allow myself to purchase a new bikini. If I hit my "ideal image" by the 1 month countdown until my trip, I get to buy the "WINNER" bikini which is an expensive, strappy lace suit that I'm dying to have.
  • CoffeeNCardio
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    I have a bit of a pinterest fetish. I didn't buy any of it, but i have thousands of pins for the stuff I'm GONNA buy when I get to goal weight:)

    Pinterest is a cheap alternative to actual physical goal clothes in my house. And twice as fun because I can collect them all and not spend a dime:)
  • ManiacalLaugh
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    I usually have the reverse problem, lol. I wear clothes that have gotten too large for me waaaaay longer than I should. I just have a hard time throwing or giving away clothes that I spent a decent amount of money on. If they're not threadbare, I hang on too long.

    That being said, I do have a "skinny" pair of jeans from when I was in high school that I've kept. They're completely out of style, but they'll be in my closet until the day I can finally squeeze into them again... and then I will throw them away. X)
  • nichalsont
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    Last summer, I finally gave up on most of my goal clothes and sold them at a garage sale. Some still had the tags. One dress didn't sell and I kept it rather than donating because I love it. It has never been worn. It was a little tight when I bought it. Now it doesn't fit at all. I'm going on a cruise in December. I would really love to get it in by then.
  • ARGriffy
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    I had a pair of incentive jeans I bought when I first started what I thought at the time was my "diet" and everyone said I was stupid to do so. Fast forward 6 months and I got into them and bloody hell it felt amazing! It's a great idea to have something you love as an incentive I think!
  • emmycantbemeeko
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    I don't have any explicit goal clothes (and I actually finally caved and donated all my size 2 jeans shortly before getting back on the tracking wagon, with the realization that even if I ever get back to size 2, they're all out of style now anyway). But one month in to tracking again, I put on a dress that I hadn't worn in a year and it looked better than when I bought it, and this time, no Spanx.

    That felt way better than any scale number.
  • ktekc
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    I have what I call my "incentive clothes" usually a couple pairs of pants and a few shirts that I have sitting on a dresser in my closet that I have to look at every day..they are only the next size down though..I like to have short term goals that aren't a number. my goal weight is my long term goal already. I like to have something always in reach.
  • chandanista
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    I have some size 10 pants that an online store mistakenly sent me (I ordered 16's), they are my "get a clue" clothes that helped start me up again. I used to be a 8 in pants, when I was 140 pounds/5'7" (I am 5'6" now, either my doc back then was lying or this one is haha) and I look really great at size 10. So they sit on my dresser as a reminder. I expect I will get some 8's when I am a 10 because I look good as an 8 too. I don't know if I will ever try for a 6, I haven't worn size 6 pants since puberty hit.
  • kristen6350
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    I also have an incentive pair of jeans. Gap, size 6, with NO STRETCH. I have to be at least 149 to breathe in them. It keeps me honest.

    But it's gonna be hard to go from a 16 to a 6 from February to October. Took me about a year and a half. And for me it was 50lbs. It's great to have something driving us, but don't make your goal VERY out of reach. And if you get to October and it doesn't fit, be happy with what you did accomplish.
  • SoulOfRusalka
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    I have a dress like that! Except it's just ridiculously goth instead of really dressy :P but I will fit into it again!
    I also have a pair of tiny jeans that my older sister took. I want to lose the weight again so I can steal them back >_> and I have lots of old pants that I'd like to be able to wear again.
  • Lounmoun
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    I had a pair of jeans that I couldn't zip up at all. I would try them on once a month. I'm not hung up on being a particular clothing size but it was nice to wear things that were once too small.
  • amandamay83
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    I have a denim mini skirt that I wore in HS. I am now way too old to be wearing that sucker, but I hang on to it, anyway. I'd like to be able to say I fit into it again, even if I never leave the house in it.
  • paymentm
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    I have a crop top and black mini skirt that I bought in my first year of university. It fit just wasn't very flattering. Now 15 lbs heavier it doesn't fit... my goal is to first fit back in and then look damn fine in it!
  • runningalice
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    Today i finally wore jeans again! I grew up to a uk 16/18 and they were a 14 so itlets me know i am getting somewhere!
  • trjjoy
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    I have a gorgeous dress from 10 years ago that is my goal dress. I bought two dresses and a top recently to motivate me. This coming winter is going to be a stylish one!