Amino acids and vegetarians

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So as I understand it, in order to build strong muscles you need protein and the complete set of amino acids. I gather that most people don't have to worry too much as they get the amino acids at the same time as their protein-from meat.

I'm a vegetarian and after some googling it seems the only complete source of amino acids is in soya milk which seems a little crazy to me as I eat a varied diet and I know some amino acids are found in vegetables.

Is anyone knowledgeable enough to clear this up for me as I'm a little confused? Do I need to drink soya milk or is this all marketing rubbish? Are there any foods I should be eating to ensure I get all the amino acids everyday?

I have no interest in taking protein shakes but I want to try and make sure I'm getting everything my body needs to perform well.



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    Here's some good info on protein and vegetarian/vegan diets:
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    Thank you. I'll have a nose :o)
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    *DISCLAIMER* I am in no respect an expert in the field of nutrition.

    There are eight essential amino acids that your body cannot make out of other stuff you eat. There are very few, if any, non-meat foods that contain a complete profile. You can create it in a vegetarian diet by mixing legumes with grains.

    Example: Red beans and rice.

    I'm not 100% vegetarian but it is my preference. I eat red meat maybe twice a month at most. (My doctor all but yelled at me because my iron levels will not stay up and it is affecting my blood pressure.) I do drink milk, both cow and soy, eat eggs and love cheese!
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    Check out the protein calculator on Scooby's site. It will suggest the best complementary proteins. If you're vegetarian and not vegan, whey protein and egg whites are great sources of protein. Egg whites are slightly lacking in histidine IIRC but it does contain all the essential amino acids.