Any place to make notes in my diary?

I'd like to start tracking how hungry I am when I eat (on a 1-10 scale) and how satisfied I am after I eat. Is there a place to do that on mfp? I couldn't tell if that was a premium feature or not. I'd like to start tracking this. I know I could on a separate platform but I'd like to track it with specific foods I'm eating. The only thing I can think of is making lots of 0 calorie foods labeled (hunger level 5, full level 2)


  • crb426
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    There is a notes section on the website version of MFP. It's at the bottom of the food diary.

    Not sure if it's on the app version.
  • williams969
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    Yes, there's a notes section. In both the app and full version, scroll to the bottom of your food diary for the day. Look for the button labeled "Notes" or "Food Notes". Not a premium feature.

    ETA: You can make exercise notes, if that's your thing, too.
  • brendak76
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    Ah I'm an idiot. Just didn't scroll down on the app far enough. Thanks.
  • jlc102980
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    It is in the app version, too, accessible by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the diary page.