Snacking help

I'm a stay at home mom and I am having serious trouble not snacking during the day. How can I stop myself from munching all day?


  • lemonychild
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    Make sure all your snacks fit into the calorie allowance MFP gave u
  • Lollieio
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    I snack out of boredom more than hunger. It's hard since I quit smoking
  • hotnumber
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    Find some way to occupy your time. Exercise, play games or do activities with the kids, read a book, dance, go for a walk. If all else fails and you still want a snack, make healthier choices such as fruits or vegetables.
  • maasha81
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    Don't have snacks readily available or eat healthy filling snacks such as greek yogurts, handful of nuts, nut butter with banana/apple/celery. This will keep you satiated.

    Stay occupied with other activities - workouts on youtube, craft with the kids, go out for walks. Basically distract yourself
  • k_nelson_24
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    I stay at home part time and it can be challenging! When I find myself feeling snacky I try and either have a cup for coffee or chug lots of water. It also helps to not keep the chips and sweets around the house tempting you. When I absolutely have to have something, I'll have rice cakes with peanut butter, veggies with Greek ranch dip, whole pickles, turkey pepperoni, semisweet chocolate chips, ore something along those lines that is low in calories.

    I would also suggest sticking to a schedule. For example, I will have breakfast at 8AM, lunch between 12 and 1PM, a snack at 3:30 or 4PM, and then dinner at about 6:30. That way you have a time goal to make it to!

    Good luck. YOU GOT THIS! If this girl can do it anyone can. :smile:
  • dubird
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    Find something to do with your hands that requires some level of concentration. If you can distract yourself and forgot the urge to snack, it means you're not hungry. If you give it an hour and you're still craving something, go get a serving of something that will fit in your calories. Don't get a bag of something and start eating, that's a good way to eat too much without realizing it! Measure out a single serving and put the rest away.

    Don't keep foods you snack on in the house. If you want to snack on something specific, you have to go out and get it. Some people pre-plan snacks by putting them in single-serve containers so that one container of something is one serving at a fixed calorie number. I've done that with things like jelly beans, which I love but if I eat them out of the bag, I'll eat WAY to many! Putting them into little baggies as single servings (or as close as I can get) means I can just grab one baggie and eat that, not the whole bag.
  • GsKiki
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    First ask your self are you snacking because you're hungry or because you're bored?
    If you're hungry then snack away, just make it fit into your calories.
    If you're bored find something else to do. Go for a walk, find an interesting hobby, do some cleaning or organizing, listen to some music...whatever you enjoy! Just keep yourself busy!
  • lionrace
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    I always keep sugar-free gum everywhere - home, work, car, purse. The action of chewing can trick your brain into thinking you're eating, and you can't eat food when you have gum in your mouth. (Well, you can but it's tricky!)
  • CassidyScaglione
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    Snack on celery or carrots. I doubt if you'll hit 100 calories from those.
  • peaceout_aly
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    I'm a stay at home mom and I am having serious trouble not snacking during the day. How can I stop myself from munching all day?

    Pre-log. Best thing you'll ever do. Pre-pack snacks that are in portion sizes and healthy to grab when you're on the go. Don't snack with the kiddos. Their foods are higher in cals and less nutrient dense.
  • jame0529
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    I would try and plan you meals for the day. If it's not in your plan for the day, then you shouldn't eat it!