Just thinking about the word "diet" makes me want to eat

So I started this so called "journey" back in April last year. With the help of MFP, a nutrionist that came to work, and a doctor telling me to lose weight I successfully lost 40 lbs in 5-6 months. Holidays came and went, and indulging may have happened....bad habits may have came back, but luckily even with my lack of tracking food and general movement (too cold to walk outside!) I did not gain weight. Until that is, this morning. I weighed myself and had gained 6 lbs back :(. It's the push to get back at it but.....IM SO HUNGRY! We'll not physically...I just want to eat. I keep thinking of the things I shouldn't eat and it makes me want them more or substitute them with other things but then I'm still eating too much! *heavy sigh* I know it took me about 2 weeks before to get over the cravings and to get into those good habits but I'm definitely dreading it.