Goal weight ladies 5'6" - 5'7"



  • BanksySJ11
    BanksySJ11 Posts: 96 Member
    5'7 and my goal is 150 (currently 161) I have a lot of muscle so anything less and I wouldn't look right.
  • I'm 5'7" with a goal of 118 lbs
  • NaomiC1013
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    Hi! I'm 5'6 and 171 pounds. Would really like to see 120 but realistically probably 130. Have gained a ton of weight in the last 6 months since starting CrossFit. Muscle, I guess, but the fat isn't going away. I'm brand new to this my fitness pal forum, and looking for any help I can get. I just posted in the "introduce yourself" feed.
  • karlis87
    karlis87 Posts: 111 Member
    Anyone feel free to add. It's really encouraging to have similar size friends.
  • RedTheThief
    RedTheThief Posts: 2 Member
    I'm almost 25
    Maintaining 120 lbs
    I've been trying to eat healthier and cut out most sugars in my diet. I would like to start weight training but I don't know where/how to begin. Anyone feel free to add me!
  • Anna800
    Anna800 Posts: 643 Member
    135 is my happy weight.
  • pmastro724
    pmastro724 Posts: 109 Member
    5'6 current weight is 173. My dream goal weight is 135 but I'd be happy around 145-150 range.
  • alismommy1992
    alismommy1992 Posts: 72 Member
    Im 5'6 23yrs old and my goal weight is 135-140 im currently 208 yikes lol
  • chelseadurbin
    chelseadurbin Posts: 3 Member
    5'6" and my current weight is 185. My goal is 145. I was a solid 150-155 in high school swimming varsity all year round. Hoping to lose quite a bit of weight but will be satisfied if I'm not as buff as I was back then.
  • joycefarmer68
    joycefarmer68 Posts: 29 Member
    I am 5'8" and my ideal weight is 165-170...Looking back at high school photos 140-145 was too thin...I'd be happy if I can just get back in the 170 range. Which is almost 200lbs to go...one day at a time. ;)<3
  • SacredCoffee
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    I'm 5'7" and started at 320, my goal is between 160-180 (I carry my weight evenly). Already lost 73 lbs since August (7 months). I walk, run, and do yoga! No diet, just eat less and move more.
  • sarahlifts
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    aalbert_82 wrote: »
    135. I've been as low as 139 before and still had quite a bit of chub on me. I'm 5'7

    me too!!! My goal is 130-135

  • Mischievous_Rascal
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    Just shy of 5'6 and I've been maintaining for two years now at 138-142, around 21% BF. I went down to 130/18% BF and it was too low for my frame. I looked very ill! (Plus hubby likes a little bit of extra junk... ;) )
  • samchez0
    samchez0 Posts: 364 Member
    5'7" and goal is around 140. I used to be 150 in high school and definitely still carried some purge around my love handles then.
  • MarlowJo13
    MarlowJo13 Posts: 43 Member
    I'm 5'7", I started at 270lbs and I am now 174lbs. I am looking to get down to around 145lbs, but I will see as I go if I am happy with what I look and feel like! Feel free to add me!
  • luvleephilly
    luvleephilly Posts: 41 Member
    I'm 5'6" and my goal is 140. I think I will go down to 130 and then keep my maintaining range as 130 to 140.
  • puffbrat
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    I'm 5'6" and my goal is 135, though I would be happy at 145-135. I really want to get to a (US) size 8 or smaller. Right now I am a size 12. Anyone should feel free to add me.
  • rebelriesling_
    rebelriesling_ Posts: 27 Member
    I'm 5'6" and in high school looked and felt fabulous at around 135 pounds. I started at 205 pounds on December 28, currently at 184 pounds. I am breaking up my goals into smaller ones - First goal is achieved (lose 20 pounds). The next goal will be 170 since this weight represents the smallest I will have been in 5 years. A final goal of around 135-140 is what I'm thinking of at the moment :)
  • HanamiDango
    HanamiDango Posts: 456 Member
    I'm 5'6.5" and currently at 144-ish, got down from 250's. Been staying at this weight for a bit to long, my ideal goal weight is around 128 but I am trying to get down to 125-126 for fluctuations. I will re-look at it when I get down and see if I need to lose more.
  • anacsitham5
    anacsitham5 Posts: 818 Member
    I'm 5'6" weighing in at 142, body fat is at 29%. Looking to drop body fat down to low twenties put on more muscle and lose more fat so figuring the weight will be about 145. Would love more friend to help me on my journey. Please friend request me!