Essential oils?

Can anyone recommend a brand of essential oil? I have no experience and thought I'd try here. :)


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    If you want to go that route go to a store that sells them. The person to person programs have very inadequate training (as far as safe uses, dilution, not ingesting them, etc.). Going to a naturalist/holistic/herbal remedy store often has someone there or at least on call who has significant education is appropriate use.
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    Thank you! I'm looking to try to make my own hand soap.
    Anyone attempt this before?
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    No, but that sounds interesting. I use mine in diffusers at home and work.
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    I like the Aura Cacia Organic line.

    As long as it's 100% pure essential (whatever) it should be decent enough quality for a hand soap.

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    I bought NOW brand and jojoba oil instead of fractionated coconut oil. It turned out well. I keep my own at work so I'll definitely make it again.
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    I use Young Living. The seed to seal promise is why I choose their brand. They are therapeutic grade and through research and education I've decided there is no other brand I would choose for me and my family.
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    I live in South Africa and have none of those brands. As long as it is therapeutic grade and you follow the appropriate safety precautions you should be fine
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    Thank you! I'm looking to try to make my own hand soap.
    Anyone attempt this before?

    Yes use dottera
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    I would strongly advise against DoTerra - but would advise you go to a health shop and get their advice as to which are the best.
    DoTerra are not to be ingested, although this is one of their 'selling' points and it's expensive and their 'sales' staff are pushy to the point of being aggressive.
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    Sooo...I used to not like the smells of the oils and had a family member give me a concoction she made using coconut oil. I put it to the side not thinking about it til I ran out of lotion. I needed it so bad on my feet bc it was time for another pedi. I used it and again thought whew it smells weird. But then I noticed after a bit that I wasn't needing a pedi. It softened my feet and my feet felt pretty good. I want to say frankinse was in it along w other things. In my head I was thinking it must be because of the coconut oil. So when I ran out I used only coconut oil and it did not soften my feet like the other had. So what was in that concoction worked so well I have her making me more for Christmas.
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    Almod oil