Celebrity Crushes.. oh my god..



  • doubleduofa
    doubleduofa Posts: 284 Member
    Ryan Reynolds - hot and hilarious, can't beat that combo!
    Ryan Gosling - He's grown on me...I like the sensitive eyes. He always plays such great guys.

    Girl Crush - still Gwen Stefani after all these years.
  • Mslmesq
    Mslmesq Posts: 1,001 Member
    William Levy
  • Lennonluv2
    Lennonluv2 Posts: 956 Member
    Chris Evans *__*
    oh yessss :wink:

  • NKfanKelli
    NKfanKelli Posts: 44
    Jordan Knight (in my profile pic), Donnie & Mark Wahlberg, Bradley Cooper, David Beckham, Zac Efron, Orlando Bloom, & Ian Somerhalder.
  • thatonegirlwiththestuff
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  • BrunetteRunner87
    BrunetteRunner87 Posts: 591 Member
    Joseph Gordon Leavitt, Daniel Craig, and the guy who plays Hawkeye are the only celebs who do anything for me!
  • NKfanKelli
    NKfanKelli Posts: 44
    How do you post pics?
  • WhitneySheree88
    WhitneySheree88 Posts: 222 Member
    Tom Hardy, Tyler Hoechlin, Chris Hemsworth but Tom Hardy is the main one for me .. I just :heart: him lol
  • kckBxer396
    kckBxer396 Posts: 460 Member
    Even though my friends make fun of me, Keanu Reeves....
  • britttttx3
    britttttx3 Posts: 458

    Sooo hot, btw I'd prefer George Harrison, or young john Lennon (:
  • Full4Life
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    I know it's fitness inspiration, but I want to look liker HERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!



    Fit, beautiful... She's also 5'10"

    I had no idea she was so tall!

    I used to be convinced I could look like her if only I tried REALLY HARD!

    Now I know I am too short :-(

    Anybody know of any short women who can serve as my inspiration?
  • ostrichagain
    ostrichagain Posts: 271 Member
    I've been having serious John Krasinski withdrawals since The Office ended!

    Aw, now I have a sad! That grin . . .