Hello there!

I'm RJ. I had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy in June of 2014. I went from 420lbs to 230lbs, and I've recently began to slowly put weight back on due to a lack of exercise.
My wife just had the surgery in Dec. We each bought a fitbit and plan to make changes in order to help ourselves meet our goals.
I'm super social. I am tech blogger and software analyst. I'm friendly, so don't hesitate to look me up or send a message! My twitter and Instagram is the same as my username here.


  • ellebreedlove42
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    Nice welcome! Gonna add you if that's ok ! You should tell the wife to add me too. I'm envious of your Fitbit I really want one but I need other things before I go spend the money lol
  • oem_rj
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    Sure that's fine! The fitbit is quickly going down in price since they are introducing a new line
  • yamaha2183
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    Feel free to add me up
  • MsDeeHawk12
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    Not new to MFP, but I've been gone for almost two years.

    The last time I was on, I was so motivated and the support I gained here was priceless. I lost 45 pounds and felt so healthy and strong.

    Unfortunately, life got in the way and it all fell apart. But, I'm angry and on a mission. Time to take back control of my life. My main goals are to lose 80 pounds total and to complete a RUN DISNEY in 2017.

    I will be on daily and am looking for buddies to help keep me motivated. I promise to do the same for you!

    Send me a friend request if you are interested.
  • oem_rj
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    Done and done!