Restaurant suggestions for NYC

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We're taking a family vacation for a week to NYC. Not looking to bust the budget, so $$$ or $$$$ will be a bit tough. I've been checking out OpenTable suggestions and I'm concerned about finding healthy food choices. We're bringing our daughter - major picky eater. She's 14, but her palate is more similar to a 6-year-old. I really don't want to undo my weight loss progress. I just got started roughly two weeks ago and I've lost 4 lbs. I am looking to stay on track while we're away. Any suggestions will be helpful.


  • cityruss
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    240 Sullivan Street,
    New York,
    NY 10012
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    Use TripAdvisor - the reviews are really helpful and you can filter restaurants by $$$.
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    Don't sweat it in NYC. Some of the best restaurants you can find anywhere. I'd enjoy the vacation, eat 1/2 portions and take some with you, and you'll probably get a lot of exercise walking around and enjoying the sites. Have fun!