Insanity and heavy lifting



  • sarochka85
    sarochka85 Posts: 103 Member
    I think Insanity is too time-consuming. It's been a few years since I tried it, but the mid-workout stretches and waterbreaks drove me insane. I'd stick with the HIIT you're doing, as it could well be more effective anyway.
  • BalletAndBarbells
    BalletAndBarbells Posts: 334 Member
    I find insanity has too much jumping for my "dodgy hypermobile knees" and I got bored of it after a few weeks but I do lift and do spinning and circuit training all on the same day without issue. I think we all train in a way that suits us - many say you should take rest days - I rarely do, many say you shouldn't lift and do cardio on the same day - I do most days, and many say you shouldn't lift 2 days in a row - I often do this too! So, we're all different - do what works for you!
  • emily_koenen
    emily_koenen Posts: 20 Member
    I have a love/hate relationship with insanity how good you feel after doing it though