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Feeling Sick AFTER Exercising

Wondering if anyone else experiences this...about 30-60 minutes after any kind of activity that causes sweating, I feel nauseous and dizzy. I have not found anything that helps it go away other than to let it pass. It can be actual exercise or even just walking the dog on a hot day (a walk on a cooler day, I feel fine after). This has been happening for about a year. Tonight I went lap swimming, started feeling dizzy and nauseous, but still tried to eat something in case it would help me feel better...two hours and throwing up my entire stomach contents later, here I am. I asked the doctor about it when it started happening last year and she just blew it off. Any specific branches of medicine I can look into for another opinion?

I've searched online and some places said dehydration, so I started taking water with me on walks to keep change. I've seen make sure you eat a snack before so I've tried trail mix, sandwiches, energy bars...nothing makes the feeling not happen. I have another message into my doctor, but don't expect her to be much help now when she wasn't before. Just wondering what other areas of medicine I can find a doctor who might have the answers or if anyone experiences this and can point me in the right direction. Thanks!


  • whmscll
    whmscll Posts: 2,254 Member
    edited March 2016
    I would go see a cardiologist and ask them to give you a stress test. Or an endocrinologist, to measure your glandular functions (hormone imbalnces, diabetes-related conditions, menopause, metabolic disorders, thyroid conditions, etc.)
  • hopeandtheabsurd
    hopeandtheabsurd Posts: 265 Member
    I would check your blood sugar immediately before you exercise and then afterward and when you start feeling nauseous. See if anything looks off.

    Also, the fact that it happens in hot weather and involves nausea/dizziness makes me wonder if it might be heart related, so it might be worthwhile to see a cardiologist (and start looking for a new primary doctor who will take your concerns seriously).
  • alt5057
    alt5057 Posts: 62 Member
    And if it helps at all...I took my blood pressure when the dizziness started (husband has an electronic BP cuff). It was normal...111/73.

    I'll look into getting something to measure blood sugar. Thanks for the suggestion!