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Easy low cal and preferably low fat snacks?

Hi, I'm looking for ideas for low cal and preferably low fat snacks which I can have on hand, I'm a busy mum to two and there are days when I just grab whatever's in the cupboards for a quick fix! Obviously there's always fruit in and I keep weightwatchers biscuits and bars in the cupboard but looking for varied and healthier ideas? I get bored having the same things all the time!


  • kay_norton
    kay_norton Posts: 23 Member

    Plain Greek yogurt is great for protein, I usually like to put some fruit on top so you get some carbs as well.
    As for fat, as long as you stay at 30% of fat or under (in regards to your total calories from the day), you are in a great range.
    A snack that I love to eat is whole grain toast with some natural toasted peanut butter or almond butter, then I like to slice half a banana and put it right on top! It's delicious.
    Also, if you have a blender, you could always make yourself a fruit smoothie with natural fruit and Greek yogurt.

  • cbelc2
    cbelc2 Posts: 762 Member
    Baby carrots, tiny bell peppers, dip in hummus. Boil some eggs. Plain fat free yogurt. Sliced apples. I try to stay away from too many highly processed foods.
  • MamaMc3
    MamaMc3 Posts: 213 Member
    I bought a subscription to Graze, and I love it. You get a little box of 8 single portion snacks every week. I enjoy those for a quick energy boost. I also do low fat cheese sticks, pretzels and laughing cow cheese, and popcorn a lot.
  • jenlowlow
    jenlowlow Posts: 14 Member
    I have found that pre-popped popcorn, like smart pop or boom chicka pop, is great for when I need something crunchy and I like to package it into zip lock bags right when I get home from the market so that I can just toss it into my lunch bag during the week.
  • DawnArchieandJacksmummy
    Thank you :smiley: I will have to go and stock up some of these sound so yummy! Xx
  • kay_norton
    kay_norton Posts: 23 Member
    edited March 2016
    Speaking of popcorn- I would get an air popper. They're pretty inexpensive, and one HUGE giant bowl of air popped popcorn is only 100 calories with no fat, carbs or anything! I usually just spray mine with a little water from a spray bottle and sprinkle some salt on top to taste. You could also mess around with different kinds of kernels- I just got tricolored :smiley:
    I bet your kids would love it too!