Needs new friends

Presleykay22 Posts: 2,446 Member
I am ready to start my weight loss journey and I am looking to make new friends along the way. I am super excited about this abs really out going. I can't wait to talk to you all! !


  • patty7006
    patty7006 Posts: 35 Member
    You can add me! We all need accountability and motivation!
  • tvl0308
    tvl0308 Posts: 96 Member
    just sent request
  • emilyvictoria7
    emilyvictoria7 Posts: 102 Member
    Sending you a request! I have 50lbs to lose to get down to 200lbs and who knows how much more after that!
  • azpostal
    azpostal Posts: 788 Member
    Add me! Just starting here and need motivation and accountability
  • akyraj2006
    akyraj2006 Posts: 83 Member
    Add me! :) I have a goal of 100 lbs and could use the motivation and accountability as well.
  • wj_rudder38
    wj_rudder38 Posts: 7 Member
    Add me too, I'm just starting out with this as well need to lose 50 pounds. Need motivation some days
  • PurpleOrchid531
    PurpleOrchid531 Posts: 28 Member
    You can add me too!
  • mskimmy23
    mskimmy23 Posts: 22 Member
    Please add me too. Always looking for friends and support. Thank you!