small but big NSV

Mom2ATM Posts: 147 Member
This might seem small to everyone but to me it's a starting point of my weightloss journey. Im on day 7, yes a week straight without binge eating!!! Thanks to another member on mfp for helping me realize why I was binge eating I put a band aid on my issue. Its far from being "solved" but this is huge because I cant lose weight while binge eating and 7 days without doing it is my NSV!!!

Im taking it one day and actually one minute at a time.



  • 7 days binge free is monumental and should be celebrated!

    Well done!
  • mimieon
    mimieon Posts: 182 Member
    That is wonderful! Congratulations :).

    You may like this blog: . She has some nice posts about how she deals with binge eating.
  • pippywillow
    pippywillow Posts: 253 Member
    That really is fantastic! Some days I'm taking it one minute at a time too :)
  • amurr819
    amurr819 Posts: 23 Member
    That is fantastic. Keep up the amazing work and you are on your way to your goals :)
  • booker2shoes
    booker2shoes Posts: 50 Member
    awesome! each day is a new journey.
  • Lainn
    Lainn Posts: 281 Member
    That isn't a small thing! Be proud and keep it up!
  • Jlennhikes
    Jlennhikes Posts: 290 Member
    Good for you!
  • alladream
    alladream Posts: 261 Member
    Good for you to 1) figure it out and 2) take action on it. Great job!
  • cityjaneLondon
    cityjaneLondon Posts: 12,000 Member
    Excellent! It is a few years since I really binge ate, but the minute DH is out of the house I really get the urge, big time. Now I have a few things I can stuff my face with without doing too much damage. Shiritaki noodles anyone, with HOT sauce. ???
    Seriously, very well done.:flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
    I find MFP forums help me keep it straight. I feel the need to confess and I am not a Catholic.:laugh:
  • slbrown5
    slbrown5 Posts: 157 Member
    Congrats! Best wishes for the next 7 days!!
  • BrieLP
    BrieLP Posts: 300 Member
    That's a huge accomplishment! I have a hard time logging into MFP for 7 days in a row:smile: you definitely have the harder job and you are doing fantastic!
  • jenf235
    jenf235 Posts: 157 Member
    That is a huge success! Congrats on your first 7 days, and take it one week at a time. You are going to do amazing!
  • ashandloggiesmom
    ashandloggiesmom Posts: 92 Member
    7 days is soooo long in the quest to overcome the battle to binge.
  • Ivey05131980
    Ivey05131980 Posts: 1,118 Member
    Woohoo!! WTG!!
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