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I became pescetarian for health reasons in 2007. My body has difficulty in digesting meat; it makes me sluggish, bloated, and causes gastric discomfort and distress (ahem). It's not really hard to avoid meat any more, and I don't really miss it or crave it, but I do have my weaknesses. I'm from Chicago, so when I head home, I carve out a day or two to eat Giordano's deep dish with Italian sausage, spinach, mushrooms, and fresh garlic. I'll go to Portillo's. I'll get some authentic-*kitten* Polish sausage. And I'll be ill for days...but so worth it. So...really....I'm like 95% pescetarian.

I'm in Phase 1 of the Fat Smash diet, which is basically a paleo-vegan reset (no meat, no fish, no bread, no booze, no sugar outside of what occurs naturally in fruits, veggies, and fresh juices, no cheese, no peanut butter, nothing fun at all). I'm actually okay with all of this; I can have my oatmeal or a protein shake or yogurt and OJ for breakfast, soup or vegetarian chili or brown rice and beans for lunch, roasted veggies and beans or a veggie burger or tofu for dinner, and I'm set. Really.

But my husband is in the kitchen making a big ol' batch of homemade spaghetti sauce with hot Italian sausage and I LITERALLY cannot control myself. I keep sneaking sausage meatballs and I know for a fact how poorly I'm going to sleep tonight and how terrible I'm going to feel at work tomorrow, but I seriously do not care.

I just needed to share. The longer I type, the less juicy, delicious, spicy sausage I'll eat...