meal planning w?kids

kp130 Posts: 23 Member
Do you plan the same meals every week or bi weekly.. I need help keeping my meals or food in check. How do you that have lost so much plan your food?


  • CherylP67
    CherylP67 Posts: 772 Member
    We eat a lot of the same meals, I grill a lot in the summer.

    I eat what I make the kids for dinner. I may put smaller portions in a salad. I love steak, pasta and fresh corn in a salad with ranch dressing.

    I don't like hotdogs, and my kids don't like salmon, I'll make salmon for me and hotdogs for them, they take almost the same amount of time to grill.

    If we order pizza, I eat it.
  • Angel_Muss
    Angel_Muss Posts: 20 Member
    I haven't lost much yet, but, I usually eat what I make the kids. They should be eating healthy too right? I have been trying not to eat the pasta/potato side. I put my protein in a salad instead. Like last night we had a frozen chicken parm meal....not healthy I know.... but I had it on a HUGE bed of lettuce and veggies. My kids had mac & cheese (yum.... but I didn't eat it!!).

    I usually try to plan my meals for 2 weeks at a time. Hubby doesn't like when we eat chicken every night, so I have to do that at least every 2 - 3 nights.
  • Melissa999999
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    I have the same issue with my kids. What I am going to be doing is just eating the same protein as them and then adding a big salad. Maybe occasionally having some couscous or quionla with them. I plan my meals out on a weekly basis so I can vary them.
  • Francl27
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    We all eat the same for dinner. At lunch I typically make them a sandwich and have leftovers or whatever. We don't plan, just buy a lot of fish, chicken, frozen veggies and make super easy dinners.