What in the world is wrong with everyone today? Am I missing a holiday or something? Living off Air and Water, Quitting for 36 cals, greek yogurt etc. Good Grief!:noway: :noway:


  • jjay23
    jjay23 Posts: 160 Member
    I am pretty sure these are people taking the mick, at least i hope they are, if not, best to ignore :)
  • TribeHokie
    TribeHokie Posts: 711 Member
    I had to double check my calendar to make sure that it is indeed July and not April....
  • chandanista
    chandanista Posts: 986 Member
    You shoulda been here yesterday. It's been funny and sad for a few days now.
  • emilycarr71404
    emilycarr71404 Posts: 176 Member
    I'm with you girl! I think we're being trolled hardcore.