Has anyone kept weight off for over a year - binge eaters?



  • surreychic
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    Thank you so much for your honest response. I am so glad sunny you have been able to self reflect, identify and combat the overeating. This morning, after little sleep, I felt I could eat the world... had just under 2000 kcal over a period of two hours, but somehow stopped and logged it all. Like you say, eat what I want I'm huge, eat what I should eat, a little frustrating in the moment but longer term happiness.

    For those who are anxious (I woke early worrying about work), how do you calm yourselves down? when I reflect, it may have been the lack of sleep as a result of the anxiety that led to hunger, but I also wonder if that bingeing just calms me, so coping without that can mean I'm an angry worried mess. It's filling the gap, especially when already tired too.... I hope that makes sense, some what!
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    I am a binge-eater. I have been yo-yoing for many years. My lowest weight was 54kg and my highest weight 103kg. When I lose weight, I maintain successfully and then, after a few weeks / months, it is as if a switch was flipped inside my head and I cannot stop eating. I still haven't discovered what triggers it.

    However, I have learnt to know myself better with the years. A combination of low(ish)-carbing and lots of exercise it what works best for me. Low-carbing tends to reduce the cravings. The exercise allows me to still enjoy sweet things (before a workout), has built lots of muscle mass so I burn more calories, and it makes me hyper-aware of my body. In the past, I could put on 20kg before I realised something was wrong. Today, 5kg make a lot of difference (you can definitely feel 5 extra kilograms when you are doing jumping lunges).

    I still yo-yo, but on a much smaller scale than before (10kg instead of 50) so I consider it a success long-term.
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    bizyangel wrote: »
    I have a friend who has. Like myself she didn't change her eating drastically just cut back. She never gave up wine she kept it calorie based. The wonderful thing with this app it also shows how many calories you can take in without gains if you wish to maintain. I am 51 lost 20 lbs in under 2 months. 40 more to go. It's about making decisions. Is it worth the calories as you only get so many in a day. When I first started I looked at this app like a video game. Don't go over the calories or you lose. It was quite fun. Now it's a life style.

    That's exactly what I've done. I would say I've binged on food a good part of my adult life. I'd basically starve myself for 3 months, loose 30 pounds then gain back 35. This was the cycle of life for years. Then 2 years ago I hit my breaking point. I attacked the sources of the binge eating. My wife recommend I see a counselor(which I was very reluctant to do).. With help I understood​ the why in what I did. Knowing the why help me fight back urges.

    I still slip up occasionally but I don't let it derail me. Its been nearly 2 years and I'm down 70 pounds as of this week. I still eat foods I crave but not as much of them. Honestly I don't feel like I'm on a diet. I just make the best decision I can in that moment. String a few good decisions together and next thing you know it's been a week and you lost a pound. That doesn't seem like much but keep up and consistently as possible and before you know it's been month and 6 or 7 pounds. Then it's been 2 months and 10 pounds. Eventually you look up and it's been 18 months and 70 pounds. That's the story of my last year and a half.

    I've had some bad days and good days but overall I'm determined to conquer the day.

    Sorry for the long winded post....
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    bebeisfit wrote: »
    Former and current binge eater. in 2001at 260 llbs, I began a weight loss journey that took several years, but I lost 90 lbs., became a runner/gym goer, ate super healthy (I cooked all the time, still ate dessert at special occasions, drank socially) and kept the binges to a rarity. Things just worked...I can't explain it. Then in 2011/2012, I stopped caring as much, I let myself go above 190 then 200. I had a lot of stress (still do) I'm now a yo-yo. I have 2 good weeks, then sabotage it for a week or 10 days. I have a closet full of clothes that I would love to wear and I'm not sure what will send me back to those much more sane days.

    Just me.good 2 weekd.then a month sabotage.n hard to come back
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    I binge maybe once a week. I just keep my deficit the rest of the week and I walk A LOT.
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    What starts overeating is when I'm stressed or without enough sleep, so I start having an easy snack like a "bowl of cereal" thinking that will quench my hunger whether it's emotional or whatever. I even weigh the first bowl. Then, I do another pour to match the leftover milk but don't weigh it, then I decide I really hate to waste a bad day on food I really don't care for, so I try to find something better, and so it goes. If I limit the really good stuff (chocolate) by not keeping it in the house, I can limit the damage. I now make sure to count it and try to get back to good habits the next day.
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    surreychic wrote: »
    A note to everyone I have noticed my bingeing has been one million times worse when I've had little sleep. It's like it flicks a "I want carbs" switch!

    So very much this! I slept on average 4-5 hours a night in February (and not in one block), and my desire for carbs & sweets went through the roof. Instead of baking a treat once or maybe twice a week, it was pretty much each day. I admit, baking for me is a stress relief, but instead of gifting away all or almost all, I was keeping most of them for me. :confounded:

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    I just can't keep the weight off
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