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Recipe Builder

alt5057 Posts: 62 Member
Is there a trick to finding the correct items in the recipe builder? I can search for something to add to my food log and it works great, but try and find that same item because it went into a recipe and it's nearly impossible...I'm usually lucky if I can find a generic listing to use when I cannot find the exact brand/package seems silly that searching the same words in the diary vs recipe builder brings up different results between the two. Any tricks or tips?


  • CyberTone
    CyberTone Posts: 7,337 Member
    If you are using the Web version and the new Recipe Tool, it is quite arguably the worst feature on MFP. I consider it a piece of software junk and don't use it.

    On the same Web page, there is a link to the Old Recipe Calculator. It is available only on the Web version, but you can use your mobile device's web browser to load the full website and use it. The Old Recipe Calculator uses the same search as the Add Food to Diary. It lets you search for and choose items from the Food Database list of food items and your My Foods list, instead of the awful "matching algorithms" the new Recipe Tool uses. Just note that if you use the Old Recipe Calculator, once you have saved your Recipe, if you need to edit it, the editing process uses the "matching algorithms" of the new Recipe Tool; so make sure you have everything correct before clicking save.
  • blondie_mfp
    blondie_mfp Posts: 62 Member
    ^^ bingo. I flat out REFUSE to use the regular recipe builder, I only use the "old" version. if I have to edit a recipe, you better believe I recreate an entire new one from scratch using the old recipe calculator.
  • alt5057
    alt5057 Posts: 62 Member
    edited March 2016
    Thanks! I never even noticed the link to an older version! I'll give that a try!
  • MelaniaTrump
    MelaniaTrump Posts: 2,694 Member
    I hope they never take that link to the old recipe builder away.
    It's on the right of the recipe builder page.