noticeable 'other' changes due to consuming less/controlled calories

selina884 Posts: 826 Member
What other changes/improvements have you noticed?

I suffer from minor adult acne but since reducing my calories, my skin has been behaving very very well.

I was under the deluded impression that junk food and mainly fried food contributed to the occasional zit BUT I still eat everything yet less of it and my skin hasnt been better.

I still find this hard to believe!

What about yourself?


  • MsAmandaNJ
    MsAmandaNJ Posts: 1,248 Member
    I find that it's easier to make healthier choices as well as determining if I'm actually hungry or just bored.
  • emdeesea
    emdeesea Posts: 1,823 Member
    I have less in the way of cravings. I'm not exactly sure why this is - maybe I'm just more disciplined or have broken a bad habit. I don't know, but I don't get the cravings for sweets the way I used to.
  • therealhyper
    therealhyper Posts: 124 Member
    Brain seems to work better !
    Lazy feeling seems to disappear
    Feel light and active and want to do stuff.
    Deffo all plus points !
  • rgbmore
    rgbmore Posts: 85 Member

    I spend less money.
    I go out to lunch less (never)--rather eat a filling dinner.
    More room in the fridge/cupboards--I bought a lot of "snacks". I still eat snacks, but I don't hoard them.
    Car is cleaner--not much snacking in the car.

    Downside--I'm so SLEEPY. :tired_face: Used to use food to "wake me up".