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jennnco Posts: 516 Member
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Hey everyone! Would love to have some of you join me as I intend on being quite dedicated to my diet and fitness goals for the spring and summer months! Anyone care to join?


  • KD454
    KD454 Posts: 1,548 Member
    Lol....I'm sure you wont get tons of FR from this one :wink:
  • kldesigns
    kldesigns Posts: 4 Member
    Hey jennco. What are you targeting for your fitness goals? Did you start a healthy eating plan already?
    Lets motivate each other and keep up the #healthylifestyle.
  • lucyjoon402
    lucyjoon402 Posts: 65 Member
    You can add me!
  • heertu
    heertu Posts: 6 Member
    Feel free to add me! Love to give (and receive!) motivation :smile:
  • LindseyBallo
    LindseyBallo Posts: 4 Member
    I'd love to jump in on this too! Feel free to add me!
  • amv102
    amv102 Posts: 5 Member
    Awesome!.. I'm also on the same path☺️, from dieting to exercising, would love to support and be supported.. Add me;)
  • sjlr94
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    Hey feel free to add me ☺