It doesn't add up

Carnhot Posts: 367 Member
I know I have overindulged this bank holiday weeekend - alcohol and chocolate to an excess of about 3500 calories. So why are my scales claiming 2k? This happened at Christmas too.


  • renevate
    renevate Posts: 15 Member
    It can take a week to reflect on the scale.

    That said, my numbers never add up, whether I'm in deficit or over, I pretty much stay where I am (except when my weight decides to climb for no reason)
  • kommodevaran
    kommodevaran Posts: 17,890 Member
    Water weight from more carbs than ususal; each gram of carbs holds four grams of water, and the remains of the food you ate haven't come out completely yet.
  • Yi5hedr3
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    Remember - alcohol shuts down the fat burning process 48-72 hours each occurrence. Not worth it in my book! :)
  • Carnhot
    Carnhot Posts: 367 Member
    Thanks. Since the scale says I have gained 4 times what I "should" have, those numbers make perfect sense.