My Name is AL and I have 100lb to lose to be just overweight

casaal Posts: 1 Member
Hello MFP community. Been a MFP member for over 2 years but never messaged, blogged or even committed. I finally hit 322lbs and think I've finally had it. Here's to change, I'm changing all my ways to achieve my goal. Any support from the community would be greatly appreciated.


  • shellscriptr
    shellscriptr Posts: 34 Member
    Sounds like you're motivated and committed- good for you!!! You can do it!
  • dbmeyers23
    dbmeyers23 Posts: 39 Member
    Good luck...stay positive and focused.
  • Hjaye7512
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    Welcome! You've got this
  • Quinn_Baker
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    Welcome! :)
  • ElizaRoche
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    Hey there!
    Greeting from Mexico. Good luck, you can do it!
  • chgonzalez1978
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    Happy to help if I can. I've lost almost 130 lbs in the past year. Add me if you like.
  • chism21
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    I kind of set up similar goal to your @casaal At the beginning of march, My plan is to lose a least 75. I know is a lot and I'm know I might not make it, but that does not mean I'm not trying. So far I have lose 18 pound as of march 22 next weight in on April 1. Hopefully I'm well on my way. I don't think I'm doing it the wrong way but you guys feel free to comment. I'm eating between 1500+ but not more than 1900 calories per day. haven't gone to the gym much but will start working out soon. I track calories not macros, but I got to get on that train because I believe it to be the key to success. I'm not hungry all the time but last week Had couple binges. started 326 and Want to be 250 by June 1. If you think our goal Align and we can motivate each other feel free to add me. I log all my food and diaries are open to review.I'm 25
  • fairylady1962
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    Hi, I started out needing to lose a similar amount. It takes a lot of will power but sounds you have to come to the point where you know you need to do this and are motivated. You can do, if I can you can.
  • tiffanynew2015
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    You can do it. Food is amazing. Feeling good about yourself is better though :)