Is anyone else part of Weight Watchers and My Fitness Pal?

Annalynn723 Posts: 15 Member
I just joined Weight Watchers today. I will be combining this site with Weight Watchers. Anyone else doing both? are there any community groups for current Weight Watcher support? Add me as a friend. Good Luck to all.


  • sweetyedie
    sweetyedie Posts: 104 Member
    Yes, I started weight watchers 3 weeks ago. I was on my fitness pal for years. Even "WHEN" I was good. I did not drop pounds. So I finally decided if I want different results I must finally do something different. I was eating too much sugar, and not getting enough exercise.

    Please ad me as a friend. Would love to encourage each other. That is if you don't mind an old fogey friend. ;0)
  • I'm sending a FR to both of you. I'm using MFP for database stuff and inspiration, and WW for sugar accountability. I hope that together I can stay accountable. I just got my smartpoints stuff on Tuesday and am still setting up.
  • naptownjenn
    naptownjenn Posts: 1 Member
    me tooo! i will be using both ww online and mfp
  • mattei24
    mattei24 Posts: 3 Member
    I am new to MFP and very excited. I just gotta stay focused and make sure I stay on top of my game. I have 40lbs to lose.