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April 2016 Running Challenge



  • Becky71_cmBecky71_cm Member Posts: 24 Member Member Posts: 24 Member
    Never mind, just some middle of the night rambling.
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  • WhatMeRunningWhatMeRunning Member Posts: 2,227 Member Member Posts: 2,227 Member
    Gah! Starting the month with a rest day!!!

    4/1 - Rest

    0/160 miles


    Upcoming races:
    4/9 - Rock the Parkway half marathon (Kansas City, MO)
    4/16 - Garmin Wickedly Fast half marathon (Olathe, KS)
    4/23 - Race for Hope half marathon (North Kansas City, MO)
    5/1 - Buffalo Bell Stampede half marathon (Leavenworth, KS)
    5/14 - Running with the Cows half marathon (Bucyrus, KS)
    6/2 - Hospital Hill 5k 7pm PRE-RUN (Kansas City, MO)
    6/3 - Hospital Hill half marathon 7am RE-RUN (Kansas City, MO)
    9/25 - Broadway Bridge half marathon (Kansas City, MO)
    10/15 - Kansas City Marathon 26.2 (Kansas City, MO)
    11/5 - Jenks half marathon (Jenks, OK)
    11/6 - Kansas half marathon (Lawrence, KS)
    11/12 - Longview half marathon (Kansas City, MO)
    11/13 - Gobbler Grind half marathon (Overland Park, KS)
    11/19 - White River half marathon (Cotter, AR)
    11/20 - Pilgrim Pacer half marathon (Lenexa, KS)
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  • 4leighbee4leighbee Member Posts: 1,275 Member Member Posts: 1,275 Member
    Hi y'all! I'm going to stick with 100 miles again this month!

    Four today ...

  • Elise4270Elise4270 Member Posts: 8,191 Member Member Posts: 8,191 Member
    Gah! Starting the month with a rest day!!!

    You gonna April fools us on that?
  • noah_macnoah_mac Member Posts: 30 Member Member Posts: 30 Member
    newbie runner in for the challenge ;)

    Aiming for 50km!

    Every month I tell myself I will join next months challenge... time to actually do it I think!

  • kristinegiftkristinegift Member Posts: 2,406 Member Member Posts: 2,406 Member
    Gah! Starting the month with a rest day!!!

    @WhatMeRunning As am I! What a lackluster start! lol
  • kristinegiftkristinegift Member Posts: 2,406 Member Member Posts: 2,406 Member
    4/1: Rest day!


    Upcoming Races:
    3/12: Run O' The Mill 5K: New PR! 21:55
    4/3: Caesar Rodney HM (Wilmington, DE)
    4/16: River Horse 6K (Ewing, NJ)
    5/1: New Jersey Marathon (Lots of towns, NJ)
    11/20: Philadelphia Marathon (Philly, PA) <<< I signed up for this guy last night! First 500 registrants get $20 off registration ($85 instead of $105) and with my 2015 Survey coupon I got another 10% off, so I paid only $83 to get in to the race after processing fees! Last year, I signed up in June after my May 31 marathon and paid $135 + fees. I'm hoping to live somewhere in the Princeton/Philly/DC area after I graduate in May (just applied to two Princeton local jobs this morning!) so this seems like a safe bet for a race paid for 7 months in advance.
  • mbaker566mbaker566 Member Posts: 11,033 Member Member Posts: 11,033 Member

    1-no run yet, maybe later

  • WhatMeRunningWhatMeRunning Member Posts: 2,227 Member Member Posts: 2,227 Member
    Elise4270 wrote: »
    Gah! Starting the month with a rest day!!!

    You gonna April fools us on that?
    LOL!:lol: I wish! I feel good enough to run today but will respect the rest day. I've learned my lessons about not resting in the past. Not wishing to relearn them all over again.

    I momentarily considered posting some crazy mileage as an April Fool's but decided otherwise. I also considered saying I broke my leg or something but also thought better of that. Your idea is better than either of those. The only problem is, today really is a rest day so if I run then I am sabotaging my training plan!:grimace: The joke would be on me!

    This month starts with a rest day and ends with a rest day. I think that is why there is only a 10 mile increase this month over last despite the fact that I am running about 5 more miles each week this month over last month.:smile:

    I looked at my planned May mileage. As long as I make it healthy and on plan to there the increase in May sounds ridiculously high, but it is the same rate of mileage increase as March and April. It is just where the days of the month fall against my scheduled runs is all.
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  • MNLittleFinnMNLittleFinn Member Posts: 4,271 Member Member Posts: 4,271 Member
    Gah! Starting the month with a rest day!!!
    Gah! Starting the month with a rest day!!!
    @WhatMeRunning As am I! What a lackluster start! lol

    I'm with you guys....and with 1-3 inches of snow in the forecast for the night, I may do my 6 miles by doing 2 loops of my 3 mile run, instead of heading out of town on an out and back in the AM tomorrow.
  • vandinemvandinem Member Posts: 550 Member Member Posts: 550 Member
    In for another 80 and will try to exceed that if the Fates are kind and the weather holds. I will set up my ticker after the first run, but a rest day today!
  • cbro70cbro70 Member Posts: 224 Member Member Posts: 224 Member
    Good Morning running friends. I hope everyone has a great weekend ! Still have a little soreness in my leg and will not be sure if I can run tomorrow. I will walk if I have to because it is a great cause. I am just disappointed that I have not been able to run all week. Hope to get back in the next few days.

    4/1 Rest day


    Upcoming races:
    4/2 Run Down the Demons 5k Obstacle Run
  • ddmom0811ddmom0811 Member, Premium Posts: 1,789 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,789 Member
    Rainy run this morning but it was really good. Flying back home tomorrow so will be a rest day.

    4/1- 5.1 miles in the rain
    4/2 - rest/travel day

  • CivicSistaCivicSista Member Posts: 475 Member Member Posts: 475 Member
    @cbro70 what book did you read?
  • PaulaSchlotterbeckPaulaSchlotterbeck Member Posts: 34 Member Member Posts: 34 Member
    Hi! I'm new to this challenge. I started my exercise regimen in September, when I couldn't go around our block without stopping to rest. =( Now, I am doing 30min on the treadmill 6x/day and a 5k once a month. I'm hoping to transition to running during the next few months. Thanks in advance for your encouragement and support!

  • briscogunbriscogun Member Posts: 863 Member Member Posts: 863 Member
    Okay, I'm back!

    I was doing great in March, right under my goal with over a week to go, and got really sick last Wednesday. Didn't run the rest of the month. (Makes sad frowny face)

    So, I'm back for April! Tried to get a full 3 miles in this morning, but after 9 days off, wasn't able to quite make it. I'm going to up the ante for April and find myself a 5K to sign up for ASAP!

  • PaulW8910PaulW8910 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    I'm in.... starting from tomorrow! :smile:
  • cbro70cbro70 Member Posts: 224 Member Member Posts: 224 Member
    @CivicSista I just posted it in the book section of the group. It is called The ultimate treadmill workout. I am excited to try it out, just have to wait until this pesky pulled muscle stops hurting.
  • lporter229lporter229 Member Posts: 4,901 Member Member Posts: 4,901 Member
    I am going to take another shot at this challenge this month. I did not sign up in March because I find it sooo hard to keep up with all of the activity in this thread and I feel like I am not being as supportive as I would like to be. But I did miss all of the good conversation that I try to catch when I am able, so I figured I'll give it another go.

    I am going to hold off for now on declaring my mileage. I may or may not be running (not racing) the Flying Pig marathon on May 1st. I haven't really trained for it, but I may do it slowly with a friend for support. Because I have not done any runs over 14 miles since my last marathon in October, I am going to go out for 20 slow miles with her tomorrow and see how it goes. Then I will decide if I think I can do the race. Mileage for March was 144. My guess is that I will be somewhere in that neighborhood again either way.

    But on the other hand, I did get a new puppy two weeks ago (proudly bragging a little through my profile pic)! Time spent with her has meant less time running. Can't wait till she is mature enough to get in on the action!
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  • acorsaut89acorsaut89 Member Posts: 1,149 Member Member Posts: 1,149 Member
    I'm not particularly advanced as a runner, but this will be my second season out.

    I am aiming for 45 running KMs - I say running because I also bike.

    I have two races scheduled for April
    04/03 - Around the Bay 5K, Hamilton, Ontario
    04/24 - Forest City Road Races, London, Ontario
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