What have you bought / been given to help you lose weight and shape up?

Just wondering what other people have invested in, and what was best value! I took a tally just now and found,
Pedometer £10
Tala Food measure £6.95
New digital scale for me £10
Stationary folding bike £50
Bike computer for my road bike £17
Bike waterbottle £5
New sneakers £34

The future may bring more "stuff" as I get fitter - I may get up the nerve to join a gym again, for example. So far so good, I'm 29 pounds down for that investment and feeling better....I've probably spent the same as I would have done on too much food and wine in the same 3 months in the past, I'm embarrassed to say. What about you?


  • NYRhockey00
    NYRhockey00 Posts: 1,196 Member
    Jump Rope....game changer.
  • SezxyStef
    SezxyStef Posts: 15,268 Member
    Food scale digital with tare button...use it all the time
    Husband and son built me a squat rack, bought me a couple of bars and plates.
    Jawbone fitness tracker (love it)
    apps like MFP, map my fitness, c25k
    new runners and workout gear...

    recently bought a weighted jump rope...looking forward to being able to use it this spring/summer.
  • Shells918
    Shells918 Posts: 1,070 Member
    Exercise videos

    My mother in law won a fitness basket at an event and my husband looked at it and told her she'd never use it, so she gave it to me for Christmas. It had the Fitbit, a walk away the pounds dvd, exercise mat, yoga brick,yoga towel in it; I was ecstatic.
  • rbfdac
    rbfdac Posts: 1,057 Member
    My food scale is the best $15 I've ever spent. It's crucial to my weight loss.
    Gym membership
    Actual running shoes
  • socioseguro
    socioseguro Posts: 1,679 Member
    Like @rbfdac and @SezxyStef , digital food scale with tare button is the best weight control tool I have ever bought.
  • eileen0515
    eileen0515 Posts: 407 Member
    Digital food scale, the rest is incidental.
  • Machka9
    Machka9 Posts: 23,683 Member
    I already had what I needed (scales, bicycles and bicycle equipment, running and gym gear, a small gym in our basement, etc. etc.) ... and used it now and then. The key was using it all more consistently.

    But we did buy a new food scale because my husband wanted the old one in his workshop and the new one looks nicer in the kitchen. :)

  • kristen6350
    kristen6350 Posts: 1,094 Member
    Digital Food Scale changed my life.
  • missblondi2u
    missblondi2u Posts: 851 Member
    I think my most important purchase has been my Fitbit, but I've also bought a great pocket food scale for eating away from home (already had a counter top one for baking), a good pair of running shoes, an elliptical from Craigslist for when the weather is bad, and a new wardrobe (wearing new clothes 2 sizes smaller is motivation to keep going every time I look in the mirror).
  • Lounmoun
    Lounmoun Posts: 8,426 Member
    I haven't bought much.
    Shoes, sports bras, pedometer, yoga mat
    I had some stuff already like a food scale and body weight scale.

    Free resources that have been helpful:
    My Fitness Pal
    Free workout videos on You Tube
  • jlcnuke
    jlcnuke Posts: 31 Member
    Elliptical machine.
    Fitbit zip.

  • DanaDark
    DanaDark Posts: 2,186 Member
    Fitbit Flex
    Digital Food Scale
    Cheap, foldable exercise bike (I love binge watching shows multiple times a week... this helps me stay active during!)
  • klund13
    klund13 Posts: 98 Member
    Digital food scale. For fitness I purchased a Polar heart rate monitor, elliptical machine, a wide range of free weights, and most recently a Fitness Blender program.
  • kgirlhart
    kgirlhart Posts: 4,793 Member
    Food scale
    Yoga video (no classes available in my area)
    Exercise clothes. I find that wearing actual exercise clothes instead of just shorts and a t-shirt makes me feel more serious about my workouts. And now I love to wear them because they are really the only clothes I have that fit me right now.
  • kimny72
    kimny72 Posts: 16,023 Member
    Digital food scale and a Fitbit.

    I was already buying a new pair of sneakers and a new sports bra every year, but I guess those would count too!
  • janjunie
    janjunie Posts: 1,200 Member
    Elliptical - used $300
    Barbell plates $70 (10lbs, 25lbs, 35lbs)
    You Are Your Own Gym Book - used 50 cents
    Runners that are meant for running not just skater shoes $70
    I already had a food scale, but now I actually use it.
  • kandeye
    kandeye Posts: 216 Member
    Food scale. I was so lost on portion size before it. My weight lifting set ( plates, bench, bar, etc). Just recently an elliptical.
  • coalz
    coalz Posts: 308 Member
    Gym membership which I have yet to take advantage of :neutral:
  • puffbrat
    puffbrat Posts: 2,806 Member
    As others have said, my digital food scale is key.
    The free pedometer from work has been a huge motivator to move more.
    I needed new sneakers anyway, but they have made walking far more comfortable.
  • kshama2001
    kshama2001 Posts: 27,191 Member
    Digital food scale - present Christmas 2014
    Fitbit - present Christmas 2015
    Asics gel sneakers
    Nice workout clothes as an incentive
    Cheaper workout clothes as needed due to others getting too big :D