Low cal snacks

Sophialayton Posts: 71 Member
What are your fave?


  • Tenster
    Tenster Posts: 278 Member
    Brown rice cakes and a little peanut butter
    My protein My zero bars
    My protein chocolate balls (help with chocolate cravings)
    Chicken breast
    Peanut butter
  • xxxglaxxx
    xxxglaxxx Posts: 327 Member
    Skinnypop. Yummm!
  • Slimdownmb
    Slimdownmb Posts: 130 Member
    raw carrots and home made humus,
    cucumber sticks and homemade tzatziki
  • kathrynseddon1993
    kathrynseddon1993 Posts: 35 Member
    My daughters baby rice cakes
  • maasha81
    maasha81 Posts: 733 Member
    Frozen fruit, greek yogurt, cucumbers with salt and pepper, hard boiled egg, small piece of dark chocolate