Lost 56 lbs - with pics

melduf Posts: 468 Member
Numbers: 21 months of logging everyday, 56 lbs lost, 20 cm at the waist, 22 cm at the hips and 14 cm at the thigh. Shirt size from XL to Small, pant size from 18 to 10 (petite since I'm 5'1'').

Nutrition: I ate an average of 1600 calories per day, macros set to 30 protein, 30 fat, 40 carbs. "Healthy" take-out on Friday night, weigh in Saturday morning and Treat day Saturday. I do all my meal prep for the week on Sunday morning, so no guesswork on week nights. (Those who want to add me, my diary is open, just send a short message to introduce yourself please.)

Exercise: I workout 5-6 days a week, 30 to 40 minutes each workout, and alternate between running, resistance training, yoga and pilates. My hobbies now include hiking and mountainering.

My story: My ah-ha moment was with my daughter. She was 10 months and I got this frightening image in my head of a chuby teen eating doritos in front of the tv. All because of the example I was setting. So I started running. After 4 months, I finally took control of my nutrition. That's when the pounds started droping. Nothing drastic though. It was slow progress all the way. My husband joined me on my journey 8 months later. We did a 20 km snow shoe hike to celabrate his 1 year of healthy habits. I'm 4 lbs away from my final goal, but we just found out I'm pregnant with our second child. So that final loss is postponed until next year :D. I intend to be active and keep my nutrition in line during this pregnancy. Hopefully labor will be a lot easier this time lol

I wrote all my goals on these pink little note cards. On one of them, I wrote "I will post a success story". Well, I can happily confirm I have achieved all the goals written on these cards!

My favorite sayings/mantras: Slow progress IS progress. If you want something you never had, you'll have to do something you've never done. Get in the mindset of an athlete.





  • socajam
    socajam Posts: 2,530 Member
    Congrats, you nailed it and it shows
  • heatherc369
    heatherc369 Posts: 1,555 Member
    Congrats! that is amazing!
  • mynika0524
    mynika0524 Posts: 51 Member
    Well done!!! Congrats on your pregnancy :smile:
  • amyford25
    amyford25 Posts: 85 Member
    Great results! It's always wonderful to see the progress made from beginning to end, knowing that you kept at it through good days and bad. Congratulations on your achievements.... and the baby :wink:
  • melduf
    melduf Posts: 468 Member
    Thanks everyone :) I'm very proud of what I have accomplished. Although looking at the pics, I have a hard time believing it! I'm grateful for the life I now have.
  • Dana_E
    Dana_E Posts: 158 Member
    Congratulations! Excellent work!
  • pdpahl
    pdpahl Posts: 1 Member
    That is so awesome, congrats!
  • Camish911
    Camish911 Posts: 150 Member
    Looking great! Nice job!! :)
  • launchpadmkquak
    launchpadmkquak Posts: 53 Member
    Great work
  • ilovemypeekapug
    ilovemypeekapug Posts: 106 Member
    Awesome! Congrats on your success and new addition to the family.
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