IBS and how to deal?

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So I have had IBS for some time and usually I can cope pretty well but I seem to be having a bad bought of it right now and I wondered if anyone can offer tips to manage?


  • coalz
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    Time to take a step back & look at what's going on in your life. Where is the stress stemming from that is making your body react this way? Is it emotional or physical stress? If you're logging your food & exercise you can review for how your IBS is responding. You can try an elimination diet & slowly reintroduce to see what foods you're sensitive to & try & make time for yourself to mentally decompress daily. If it's really bad a western medicine dr might prescribe you a light antidepressant to treat symptoms. Also consider looking into leaky gut syndrome. It's a homeopathic diagnosis that I was treated for & no longer suffer IBS symptoms (but a lot of people don't believe in it & will bash its credit - to each their own)
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    Many people have found relief from IBS on a ketogenic diet.
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    Low carb (under 100 grams/day) for sure! Probiotics and Enzymes a plus.
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    My library has many books in this subject. And I live in a small town.
    Try your library and get a complete book on the subject.
    Often online, you get bits of info that repeat and often not reliable enough.
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    Thank you everyone!