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Useless Fact of the Day



  • Cameron_1969Cameron_1969 Member Posts: 2,871 Member Member Posts: 2,871 Member
    yusaku02 wrote: »
    oxygen is bad for your health: Fact; everyone who has ever breathed oxygen has either died or will die
    Same can be said of the treacherous dihydrogen monoxide.

    Oxygen and Water can both actually kill you. Ask a SCUBA diver about Oxygen Toxicity and if you drink too much water you can die from water intoxication.
  • Just_J_NowJust_J_Now Member Posts: 9,579 Member Member Posts: 9,579 Member
    It's impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.
  • aerochic42aerochic42 Member Posts: 737 Member Member Posts: 737 Member
    got two

    Amateurs built the ark but professionals built the Titanic

    if you cut the head off a cockroach it will starve to death before suffication due to the ability to "breathe" through its skin.
  • Monkey_BusinessMonkey_Business Member Posts: 1,800 Member Member Posts: 1,800 Member
    2.18 people (average) are killed by vending machines each year... this is statistically more significant than shark attack deaths.

    Cows are 40 times more likely to kill you than a shark. - See more at:

  • Cindy4FunFitCindy4FunFit Member Posts: 2,745 Member Member Posts: 2,745 Member
    cblue315 wrote: »
    In France it is legal to marry a dead person.

    That is so.....French. Oui?

  • hdatreshdatres Member Posts: 640 Member Member Posts: 640 Member
    Every state in the United States has a town in it called" Somerset"
  • hdatreshdatres Member Posts: 640 Member Member Posts: 640 Member
    An orang also has orang skin
  • aimytye187aimytye187 Member Posts: 98 Member Member Posts: 98 Member
    Wild strawberry's can be yellow sometimes... I red that on one of my schools science rooms door!!!! Hahaha who knew?
  • LasmartchikaLasmartchika Member Posts: 3,433 Member Member Posts: 3,433 Member
    Butterflies taste with their hind feet.
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