What are your top five eating alternatives?

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Many of us here have had to figure out how to stop using food to deal with negative emotions. A relatively recent MFP blog suggested asking others to help come up with alternatives to emotional eating, which I thought was a great idea. http://blog.myfitnesspal.com/how-to-overcome-emotional-eating-by-leaning-on-your-fitness-tribe/

I’m most likely to eat emotionally when I’m feeling overwhelmed by family responsibilities or just life and feel like no one is taking care of me so I try to look for alternatives to eating that make me feel taken care of. Here are my top five:
1) Putting on my warm, fuzzy socks as soon as I get home.
2) Soaking my feet in a tub with Lavender Epsom salts.
3) Taking 10 deep breaths. (It doesn’t sound like much, but sometimes it seems like I can’t even afford to take the time to do this and that is when I most need to do this!)
4) Eating my lunch outside on a bench while doing nothing else. (It’s still eating, but the alternative behavior is eating more mindfully in a natural setting.)
5) Making sure I get my run in. Exercise, in general , is super helpful to my emotional state, but regardless of how good or bad my workout is, the act of making the time to do it is what feels like I’m taking care of myself.

What are your top five eating alternatives? (And of course it can be more or less than five. You might have one good one that will help someone else.)