Today's Challenge: Who's With Me?

Today's challenge will always be the only challenge for me. PROCESS! Yesterday is irrelevant. And tomorrow is some other day I can't deal with now either. Right now is it. And I want to go to bed tonight knowing that I did the right thing for me today. So here's my challenge for today and forever:

30 min. vigorous cardio plus 30 min. strength and flexibility exercise
No rest day today if I have had one in the past week
If I'm over 143 pounds and have fat to lose, stop eating at 1600 healthy calories
If I'm not, then stop eating at 2000 healthy calories

Every day is a life to itself. What's your challenge for today?


  • vivaldirules
    vivaldirules Posts: 169 Member
    Done! I will sleep well tonight. And tomorrow I'll start again.