Protein Powders Made Me Sick...

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I've been at this for a year and have slowly moved from cardio to more strength. I've heard over and over how important protein powerders are so I decided to try them. First I tried whey protein. Not only did it just taste disgusting to me but I ended up getting major stomach pains whenever I consumed it. After awhile it just ended up being something I couldn't work through. Then I decided to try hemp protein powder after hearing a friend talk about it. Now not only did I get stomach pains with this but I got the spins really bad. I swore off protein powders just thinking they were something I couldn't take. I tried introducing more meat to my diet which made me feel gross. While I do love me some meat, I don't like a great amount of it. Having it once a day is plenty for me. So then I started eating more eggwhites and dairy such as cottage cheese and grains like quinoa. Yummo! But still - wasn't hitting what my protein should be at...

BUT YEAH! The reason I'm writing this is because if you're like me and have really bad issues with protein powder I think I have the answer. Egg White Protein Powder! Give it a try! I got it plain and it does taste as if nothing is in my drink. While once and awhile I get a little fuzzy after drinking it I don't get stomach pains or the spins so it's workable! I just know I'm not a heavy lifter with all the answers so it took me forever to even realize there was such a thing as egg white protein powder. If it wasn't for the fact that someone told me about it I'd still be stressed out every day making sure I get all my protein in. So hopefully by sharing this I can help out at least one person who has delt with the side effects that I have!


  • jennaworksout
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    Whey protein made me very ill....I can tolerate some dairy , but this absolutely kills me, took me a while to narrow it down as I only used it once in a while, then would get major stomach pains and break ot in rash....finally discovered it was the whey protein....I now use egg protein as well, I use Gold Standard chocolate :happy:
  • mumtoonegirl
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    oh I am glad you posted this, I have noticed that the whey protein makes me bloat and have horrible gas (sorry for the TMI), I am going to my local health food store this weekend and talk to them about the egg white as an alternative.
  • bcattoes
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    Whey made me constipated and the veg powders I tried were gritty so I gave up on powders. But by eating more dry roasted edamame I can usually hit my protein goal most day without supplements. I have still used whey occasionally when I'm low, which is usually only days I don't eat meat.

    I might check out the egg white powder if I can find it. I don't remember seeing it when I was trying them.
  • robinplus2
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    I can't do Whey protein either, I did however find a Soy based protein powder that I seem to be tolerating. It is called Eas Soy Protein. I will definitely be trying the Egg white powder as well. Thanks for posting!
  • kellykw
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    I prefer Sunwarrior Warrior Blend vegan protein powder. I used it even when I wasn't vegan because I cannot tolerate whey protein powder at all. I also don't do well with straight soy protein powder.
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    I am very sensitive to dairy and soy. I tried a whey protein powder. It really just flew through my system and caused terrible cramping. I add nuts to my daily intake and PB2 to my smoothies. And I eat meat, which is helpful. But you can't put a hamburger into a blender with a smoothie. :noway: