Weight loss or muscle gain?

I haven't hit my weight loss goal but I'm now lifting weight to bulk up. So I'm trying to calculate my calories allowed for the day, but I'm unsure what to put, weight loss or gain? Cause I know by lifting I will be gaining muscle so what do I put so I can get an accurate number on calories allowed?


  • Nicklebee93
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    Are you wanting to continue to lose weight? Or are you wanting to just gain muscle? Gaining muscle you will have to go into a surplus.

  • sexymom04
    sexymom04 Posts: 263 Member
    I want to gain muscle
  • kuftae
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    you won't gain much muscle if you are eating below tdee. if you get stronger it is probably because your nervous system is getting better at recruiting muscle fibers as well as just getting better at the movement.

    Not at your weight loss goal? I wouldn't abandon it. get there first while lifting-- you'll preserve muscle mass. then go into a moderate surplus and make real gains.
  • RGv2
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    You won't gain muscle by lifting alone (after some probable minute noob gains). You can lift in a slight deficit to maintain muscle as best you can while lowering your BF%, or you do basically the same progressive overload program in a surplus to add muscle. Then you need to do somewhat the same program in a deficit to lower your BF%.
  • erickirb
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    If you are eating in a deficit to lose weight you will not bulk up, even with lifting. You may gain a small amount of muscle if you are overweight and new to lifting and get adequate protein. Most people lift while losing to preserve the muscle they already have, as if you don't strength train and get enough protein a larger portion of your loss will be lean muscle than if you lift and get adequate protein.

    To gain an appreciable amount of muscle you would have to be eating in a surplus, which would also add fat stores.
  • not_a_runner
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    If you want to continue to lose body fat, stick with your current goal. If you are not already, start being mindful of your protein intake. You may gain a bit of muscle while losing fat because you are new to lifting, but not much.
    Once you are happy with your body fat, as other posters have mentioned, you can start to eat in a surplus to build more muscle, but you will gain some body fat in the process.
    Keep in mind that muscle growth is very slow, but it can totally change the look of your body. What you think is your "goal weight" right now may change once you add some muscle to your frame.
  • sexymom04
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    I'm currently 132 and my goal weight was 125, so not too far away. i am being mindful of my protein intake