What makes this time different?

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Because project plan encourages me to keep going even when I feel discouraged.


  • kommodevaran
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    Only time will tell if I succeeded. Every day makes it more likely though. I've been at goal weight for 18 months.

    Major differences from last time I lost weight: No more arbitrary food rules. But I have a structure; I plan my meals, eat usually only at meals. I eat only food I like, but try lots of new foods, and I can eat anything, I just plan for it. Not fearing the scales; I weigh myself every day and I have a range of 3 kilos (55-58) to stay within. I have left the idea of "saboteurs" - it's I who decide what to eat and not to eat, and how much, and when. I don't do any organized exercise, just what I feel like, mostly walking.

    The whole thing doesn't feel overwhelming, just strange. I imagined it would be a lot more work. But all it takes is a small ongoing effort. Most of it is actually fun. I have more energy, so things I do easily now, I wouldn't dream about doing when I was fat and tired.
  • mrskoopy
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    I'm going back to school for health and wellness promotion. I realized that no one will want to listen to me if I was still obese. So I decided to practice what I'll be preaching.
    Also, this time I'm being diligent, not eliminating foods, if I eat it I track it, and... I love how I feel now after exercising, because I'm noticing little things, not just the weight.
  • itsbasschick
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    what makes this time different than last time for me IS last time. i learned a lot about eating, working out, my blood sugar and its responses. i learned how to work out with several injuries and issues.

    so this time, i'm starting with a less drastic goal (set for .5 pounds per week - if i lose more than that, great!). i have a much clearer idea of what foods fit into my goals. last time, i axed everything from my diet at first. this time, i'm fitting foods in that are my favorites. it makes it much easier to get going and keep going.

    yes, i'm disappointed that i put some of the weight back on, but the most important thing i learned last time is that if i start binge eating due to life issues, no matter how bad they are, it won't be worth it. my blood sugar hit 310, blood pressure is back up and my energy was low, all from putting the weight back on.

    this time, if stress gets that bad i'll schedule a few therapy sessions rather than drown my sorrows in dry's slow churned fudge tracks ice cream. well, maybe one bowl, which i'll budget into my daily calories :)
  • pebble4321
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    This time is different for me because I'm working through the fact that this isn't a short term thing. I don't have a particular goal weight or date or end point.... I just see that this is an ongoing process, eating good food, not too much, and moving enough to make me feel good.
    If I want to be healthier and stronger then I have to work at it. I can't eat ALL of the food ALL of the time*.
    So, I'm not excited, I'm resigned and a bit down about it, but it's reality and I can't continue to ignore that.

    *On the bright side I know I can eat all of the food some of the time. Or some of the food all of the time. I just don't get to have it all, even if I want it.
  • bigdogintheyard
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    A food scale has been a major break through for me, much easier than measuring cups, super accurate. I just love it so much. I have been meal prepping some. Like make 5 pounds of pinto beans and freeze them in 4 or 5 big tubs, take them down as i need them. Also cook chicken, lean ground beef or the like in big batches, enough for 3 days. I am doing a bodybuilding type diet even though being way over weight is my main issue. I eat protein, carbs and veg every 3 hours. No cravings, no issues. Drink tons of water too. Sparkling water is my favorite, makes me feel full. It's a decent amount of work but i think it's pretty sustainable, trying to keep it easy and low stress.
  • Lizzy622
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    This time is forever. I am not stopping a diet when I reach goal. I will simply learn to eat at a slightly higher calorie level than I am right now. I will still exercise and do everything else I am doing right now.