How to stop yourself

How can I stop myself from eating while I'm bored? I try to entertain my mind with other stuff but it seems like I eat if it's there or I know it's there and I'm bored... Any tips?


  • queenliz99
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    Go for a walk, take up knitting especially socks(very challenging), read a book or learn to play an instrument.
  • HealthyGinny
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    I first I was like that, but it gets easier the longer you commit to mfp. At first I used to drink a lot of tea and herbal tea to have sth with no calorie. Also chewing gums! or brushing my teeth in the afternoon so I wouldn't want to eat when my mouth was minty fresh :) or before mfp, I used to eat while watching tv late at night a lot... now, I paint my nails at that time instead ;) can't do both at the same time and I often have perfect manucure nowadays! lol
  • kommodevaran
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    Do something else, and/or don't keep snack foods in the house.
  • MissusMoon
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    There's nothing "fun" to eat in my house. If I want it, I have to go walk for it. Raw celery and spinach can't do a lot of damage.

    The suggestion of painting nails, keeping hands busy and herbal teas are great.
  • chelseafxx
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    I like to get sparkling water drinks with a little flavor. The slight sweetness makes me think I'm having a treat and usually does the trick.
  • TxTiffani
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    I cut apples slices super thin so I get lots of bites when I'm feeling munchy or carrots can snack on both of those and get some crunch for not a lot of cals:)
  • Asher_Ethan
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    Take up a new hobby. I replaced my mindless eating time with jewelry making and it's really helped.
  • Owlie45
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    Pick a hobby where you need to use both hands. Knitting and such. Harder to eat if you have no hands to use.
  • mis1022
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    I find drinking tea hot or cold sweetened with no calorie sweetener works best for me.
  • Milasha232016
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    When I have free time I go for a walk to the park with my dog or clothing store and try on new clothes.
    Walk on my treadmill and watch a movie.
  • niniundlapin
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    Any kind of hand-crafting would help! The one costs the least (and also the most convenient, imo) would be origami. All you need are just paper, clean & dry hands, and patience (and of course, the folding instructions!). Once you get into it, it'll be really hard to get your hands off the paper (not to mention grabbing anything to eat :wink: ).
  • JackieMarie1989jgw
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    When I get like this in the afternoon I have a cup of tea, either green or black. Caffeine suppresses the appetite
  • eileen0515
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    I don't know your situation, but in my household I am the chief grocery getter, meal planner and chef. I deal with the snacking thing by not having many tempting snacks around. I do keep apples, vita tops and 100 calorie mini bags of popcorn on hand. The mini bags have been particularly handy and effective. No more than one a day of course. Ultimately willpower, and keeping your eyes on the goal are what will see you through.
  • victoria_1024
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    I literally have to leave the house some days. If I can't, I go on Pinterest to the health and fitness section and browse or come here!
  • JeromeBarry1
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    Find a solution that fits you. Maybe you can start snacking on almonds. Maybe you can find what triggers your boredom.