Simply Walking/My Tracks

Carnhot Posts: 367 Member
Now that My Tracks has been deprecated, and will probably pop out of existence soon, I have been looking for an alternative tracking system for my walks. I am just back from a walk using Simply Walking. I walked an identical route to one I had recorded on My Tracks, at my standard pace. Simply Walking gives me comparable data, so I feel it is reliable. It doesn't give speed/elevation charts, but it does count steps, which My Tracks didn't. For the huge price of nothing, it seems like a good replacement for the equally costly My Tracks. (I'm a skinflint)


  • random_123
    random_123 Posts: 9 Member
    Do you not like MapMyWalk? The free version gives quite a lot of data regarding elevation and speed, as well as counting steps these days.

    It is a bit over-engineered though.
  • Carnhot
    Carnhot Posts: 367 Member
    I tried it but found it unreliable. That might have been user error, but it put me off.
  • JoeCWV
    JoeCWV Posts: 213 Member
    I use run keeper. You can log rung, walks, biking and a few other things. There is a free version , which I use and you can upgrade with more features. It works well for me. For my runs/walks I get distance, pace elevation and total time.