I had 3000 cals and gained 4lbs

Yesterday was my moms bday I ate about 3000 calories (probably over estimating a little) the scale went up 4 lbs today...


  • 2wise4u
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    I'm sure that mostly water. Weigh yourself the same time each week to compare weight fluctuations to get a true estimate about weight loss or gain.
  • BruinsGal_91
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    Yeah, definitely water weight.

    I went a bit over my calorie limit yesterday and was up 2.5lbs this morning. No point freaking out, because when I checked my sodium intake, it was waaaaaaay over what I normally take in. Darn you, you delicious enchiladas.
  • scolaris
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    Water... transit... Everyone thinks they're superman or wonder woman this way. Nope. It takes a much larger surplus across a number of days for your body to process actual new weight.
  • xKoalaBearx
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    It's not real. Don't feel bad. It'll go away in a few days.
  • rankinsect
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    Sounds like water retention, probably both from sodium as well as completely topping off your body's glycogen stores from all the surplus sugar. It'll go down again over the next few days.
  • DisneyDude85
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    Days like these are why I like to weigh in daily. It helps me understand my weight fluctuations. :) I had a lot of sodium yesterday and it had the same effect. The reason I am upset about it is because it skewed my weekly Monday weigh in with MFP. Haha. I know it will go away in a few days, but I only showed .4 pounds lost when I know it was more like 1.4 pounds lost. Don't freak out, and make sure you drink lost of water over the next couple of days.
  • sllm1
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    It will be gone in about 3 days of eating right and drinking your water.
  • snickerscharlie
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    You're also a women. Fluctuations in weight just plain happen.
  • Rogstar
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    Ha, I'm dealing with this right now. Friday morning my weight was 216.8 (lowest it's been for a while.) Monday morning 222.4! That's where I was three weeks ago!

    But I have to keep telling myself that it's just water weight, and I was probably a bit dehydrated on Friday morning anyway since Thursday night was kickboxing and a 3mile walk. Friday night was date night, Saturday the kids and I had two birthday parties (one at Chuck E. Cheese, oy), and Sunday was spent at a movie theater after church and brunch.

    This is why I decided to weigh daily again. It doesn't work for everyone, but it worked for me the first time I dropped 40lbs. Whenever I see big gains that don't make sense, I can usually figure out why, either a big meal or a day high in sodium. Also, the week before my period I stall or gain (also like right now!)

    So many reasons...but it's all temporary. Don't let it discourage you, just keep at what you were doing. I hope you had a great meal with your mother!
  • Spliner1969
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    Water weight. In order to gain 4 pounds you would need to go 14000 calories over your maintenance.

    ^^^this^^^ The weight will be gone in a day or two.. drink tons of water and limit your salt intake.
  • AnnPT77
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    nosajjao wrote: »
    Water weight. In order to gain 4 pounds you would need to go 14000 calories over your maintenance.

    Yeah if water were made of cake.

    Bzzt: Nope.

    Extra carbs, extra sodium, calories back at/over maintenance - all of these cause your body to hold onto extra water to process them (oversimplified, but true). Oddly, drinking extra water is one thing you can do to ensure that balance is restored quickly (though not necessarily instantly).

    Let's pretend OP's maintenance calorie level (amount she can eat and neither gain nor lose weight) is 2000 calories. Then 3000 calories eaten means (roughly) a whole whopping not-quite-1/3-pound of gain (1000 extra/3500 in a pound). If her daily deficit is 500 - if she's been losing a pound a week - that will mean about two days delay (beyond the over-goal day) in meeting her ultimate weight loss goal.

    The water weight may take a few days to disappear, but things will be back on track soon. As long as 3000 calories only happens on rare special occasions, everything will be fine. No need to worry, just getting back on the healthy track quickly will resolve the scary scale results.
  • raindawg
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    After days I cheat/splurge I don't get on the scale for at least 3 days for this very reason.
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    raindawg wrote: »
    After days I cheat/splurge I don't get on the scale for at least 3 days for this very reason.

    Agreed, this is why I love once a week weigh in on Thursday or Friday. It gives the body time to resolve any weekend junk eating.
  • ericatoday
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    Probably just bloating. Eat healthy today and tomorrow it should go down.
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    gebeziseva wrote: »
    Water and poo

    ^^This. Especially since she posted the other day that she hadn't pooped in two weeks. Hopefully that's changed, though!