May-June Weight Loss Challenge!

kaimbf123 Posts: 182 Member
If you're like me and need help staying accountable with your weight loss goals, then come join this challenge! Let me know if you want to join and on May 1st, copy and paste the format down below + fill in your info and every Sunday from May 1st-June 5th, put your new weight down and feel free to also write down the weakness/strengths you face and we can try to help each other stay motivated and share tips. At the bottom of this, you have a space to write other specific health/fitness related goals (such as: get 15 hours of exercise in before the end of this challenge, drink 2 liters of water a day, etc.) and if you do write a goal down there, make sure you also update us on those goals as well, like how many hours of exercise you've gotten so far and how many you have left to complete. Here's the format:

Start Weight (May 1st):
Goal Weight (June 5th):


May 1st:
May 8th:
May 15th:
May 22nd:
May 29th:
June 5th:

Fitness/Health Goals: