flying - inflight meals - calories?

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Does anyone have some info on how to deal with long haul flights and the meals provided?
I've done a search on here, and nothing came up... and the airline doesn't list the nutritional info. Google has given me nada, except that often the meals have a higher % of fat and sugar because the altitude affects taste/flavour.

I don't want to overthink it, and I'm happy to guestimate... but I don't know even where to begin with guessing the cals. 500 Cals? 1000 Cals? :confused:

Anyway, I'm traveling with Turkish airlines, having a lacto ovo veg meal... if that helps.


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    Ah... Turkish... >.>
    I just flew with them a couple of weeks ago and considering that the "small" portions were extremely filling, I'd go safe and say it's about 750 for a normal meal - the desert was overly sugary, the meals had butter for sure in them... But I didn't get to see the veg meal, so it might be less...

    Relax on the flight, enjoy your food, enjoy the flight and just take it more lightly on the next meal :)
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    I've never flown with them before... and I've heard that they're really good and they're really terrible. How was your flight?

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    Turkish food is as nice as it can be on a plane (economy class), but I'd rather pack some food from home to get the flavour, nutrients and calories you want.
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    It's not super complete but it might give you a general idea of what you should expect.
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    @Vetticus_3, my flights were extremely good. I had a connecting flight in order to get to Japan (went on a trip there), so for the 16+ hours I spent in the Turkish planes - it was quite good for a standard economy seat.
    Way better than France Airlines, Lufthansa, and not to mention the low budget ones.