Night shift

Has anyone lost weight while working night shift. Having a real hard time losing weight since starting.


  • MichaelGlenday1
    MichaelGlenday1 Posts: 17 Member
    I agree with you mindycrls if you work night shift it is not as easy to lose weight as you have to do what you job is and you don't have time to do exercise as you sleep during the day and then you have to go to work at night so I think it is hard to do but at sometime when you don't have to do night shift then you can aim to do exercise as I am in the same problem as you are but I just can't find time in my days to do much but I need someone who will try to help me do it and I am also willing to help others as well if I can.
  • hnahae
    hnahae Posts: 38 Member
    I have worked night shift for years and have found as long as I keep up with exercise and eating right I have no trouble losing weight. Just make sure you get enough sleep. I usually work out shortly after waking up. It's a nice jump start to the day and then you can avoid skipping it because you're too tired after work.
  • bigdogintheyard
    bigdogintheyard Posts: 15 Member
    I've had some success, 100 days logging as of today. Currently 318, started at 375. It is more challenging. Pitfalls I've noticed including eating a big dinner with my family soon after i wake up and eating too many calories on days I sleep less, especially going into my weekend as sleep at night on my weekends. Enough sleep is super important for me. I'm more hungry when really tired.