two weeks in and this is working!

just had my weigh in today. after two weeks I am 8 pounds lighter! I had minimal hopes for mfp, but this has worked better so far than anything else I have ever tried. the people and support are amazing! thank you everyone, and anyone new to mfp stick with it, it works!


  • AriesGal329
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    That's fantastic!! I have had several false starts over the past few months, but am now on a 10 day streak as well! I think once you get past the first week and start seeing results it's motivation to keep it going. Way to be!
  • Redbeard333
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    Just keep doing what you're doing! For me, the logging and using a fitness tracker made all the difference. Slow and steady wins the race :)
  • DarthSamson
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    Noel that is a very strange Insignia I have not see it worn since the 1960's for safety reasons please do not stand anywhere near me if you are wearing a red work shirt !
  • blonde_passion
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    That's so nice to hear, congratulations!!! Keep going strong!
  • DennisA70
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    Awesome. Great job. Keep it up
  • chelseafxx
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    That's fantastic news! Great work!
  • staceybois
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    Just starting, not very active...set a goal of 5,000 steps
  • smanto00
    smanto00 Posts: 16 Member
    Awesome job!!
  • missjanetleigh
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  • Bergenblart
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    I've been back and forth between MFP and WW (meetings), WW is now too restrictive so think I'll be putting myself into the MFP ways. Your post is most encouraging. Ta
  • bigdish71
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    Awesome job! Seeing the results is sooo motivating just in and of it's self. Keep it going!!!
  • jwagner1204
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    Hi everyone! Im from the Philadelphia area and this really seems like a great group for me just jumping back into shedding about 20lbs and getting back to fitness and eating heathy, too. I'm brand new to this app, so I'm not quite sure how it works. Please add me as a friend and direct me in the best ways to get the most out of this app and interacting with the community here. (Also, how do you add friends, when you're in chatting like this??)
  • DennisA70
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    @jwagner1204 you add people as friends by going to their profiles and clicking the "Add As Friend" button. I highly recommend looking at the diary settings to make sure it is set to fit your needs in terms of what to display and how you want to break your meals and snacks down.