Will stair climber tone my butt and thighs

tjsims88 Posts: 45 Member
I use the stair climber 30-45 mins 3 days a week. I'm hoping that in addition to buying calories I'm also toning


  • nordlead2005
    nordlead2005 Posts: 1,303 Member
    Using the stair climber will build limited amounts of muscle (probably none unless you can barely climb stairs at all). It will burn calories, and if you eat in a deficit you will lose fat. Most people will qualify this as "toning", but you'd get the same results with any other cardiovascular exercise.

    If you actually want to build muscle and/or strength, then you need to increase the resistance (bodyweight and/or weighted exercises).
  • Wombat468
    Wombat468 Posts: 191 Member
    If your stair climber allows you to adjust the resistance, then yes.
  • robininfl
    robininfl Posts: 1,137 Member
    It did for me, yes. Probably depends what your starting point is, but that's what I used at the gym when I was in college as an adult and it did lift and grow my butt some. Push from behind, try to feel like your glutes and hamstrings are doing the work, not your quads.