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TMI - TOO MUCH INFORMATION (And it doesn't even have to be Tuesday!) ;)



  • Ladyovthelakes
    Ladyovthelakes Posts: 79 Member
    8 days ago at a family party ☘️ I think I did well only have 2 … bottles of 🍷
    I rarely drink for the past 3 years, just special occasions.

    What was your most embarrassing moment?
  • theeldestberry
    theeldestberry Posts: 815 Member
    Too many to list, really.

    I got beat up in front of much of the school once, for sticking up for (smaller) friends. I wasn't very big myself, but I had a highly developed sense of fairness, to the misfortune of my body. To say I acquitted myself poorly in the fight is an understatement.

    Same question.
  • Cat0703a
    Cat0703a Posts: 17,467 Member
    I feel like I shared it here before but will do so again. I was writing an university exam in a theatre and finished early so got up to turn it in. Not realizing my leg was asleep (passed the point of pins and needles; was completely numb) I stood up at the top of the stairs. As I stepped down the first step, it felt like I had no legs and I tumbled down the stairs in the silent auditorium in front of hundreds of students and my long term crush. Luckily only a couple of bruises but it took days for the blush to leave my cheeks. 🙈

    Same question.
  • doodlebug1683
    doodlebug1683 Posts: 1,738 Member
    I was teaching a seminar and wearing a microphone. At the break, I went to the ladies room and forgot to turn off the mic.

    An awkward predicament for you?
  • FabulousFantasticFifty
    FabulousFantasticFifty Posts: 195,833 Member
    When my best friend's husband told me that he had loved me since we all met three years earlier. 😳

    Same Q