Advice and support on fitness and meals! Need help! Unmotivated

Need motivation! Been on MFP for 3 weeks and doing really well, but recently I don't feel I get much support from my closest at home! I need people to kick my butt into gear and to give me advice and support!

I need healthy recipes so I stop chucking weight watcher meals in the microwave!
And excerise methods that will shift my big tummy!

Need success story's and inspiration!
And one day I can be a success story.
Hope I'm not asking a lot just so helpful and supportive advice from people who are going through the weight change and people that have done it and maintaining it


  • AtmaKing
    AtmaKing Posts: 145 Member
    Identify your goals.
    Make a plan to accomplish those goals.
    Stay consistent to the plan.
    As Goals are met come up with new goals and a new plans to accomplish those.
    Don't beat yourself up if you get off track. Just start the next day a new.
    Take you daily dose of motivation because like bathing its suggested daily.

    Last thing is, this community is amazing, so much support and knowledge if you need something ask because there will be someone out there willing to share what they've learned on their journey.
  • bigdogintheyard
    bigdogintheyard Posts: 15 Member
    My biggest advice is to prep. Cook ahead, have cold water in the fridge, take water in the car, have gym clothes available, in the car is even better. Shop for lean meats, veg, fruit, complex carbs and have them in the kitchen. Make it easy to make healthy choices.

    When I think about the times I skip a workout or eat junk it's usually is due to not being prepared.