Low carb impact on lifting



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    I do a program similar to SS. Did SS for 6 months then transitioned to more steady-state (slower) gains with the same lifts. Been doing it for 2 years. January 1 this year, I decided to go back to Atkins to drop some weight quickly while maintaining lifting and playing hockey twice a week.

    Dropped weight, 12 pounds in 6 weeks. Calorie deficit was only 400-500/day.

    Performance in the weight room suffered dramatically.

    Now I'm back on a balanced diet (but avoiding most grains and refined carbs) and continuing to lose weight more slowly, but I'm getting stronger. Still have a deficit of ~ 300-500/day.

    I'm not saying this is generally true for everyone, but it was for me.

    I'm mildly drunk and typing on a iPhone, but lifting how many days a week (full
    On?) and two hockey practices in there somewhere? Anything less than a cow a day would leave you gassed.

    Weights suffered dramatically means
    1) You got weaker
    2) you stalled
    3) you didn't become Conan the barbarian in a week

    Would you like to share vitals for gaining strength and losing bf at your current status?