Need food ideas

Hey all,

I have done well finding foods I like that are low calorie, and have helped me lose to a good weight. With a new program I am doing, I have found that I need to up my calories closer to my Tdee to be most effective.

I am needing suggestions on what types of food that I can add that will be higher in calories without turning to my favorite junk. I have found myself thinking that I have a certain number of calories left for the day, and will eat whatever junk I can fit into that amount. While I still come under goal, I don't think eating a bunch of junk will help me lower my remaining body fat. So, what higher calorie, healthy foods do you eat?


  • conniemaxwell5
    conniemaxwell5 Posts: 943 Member
    Nut butters
    Whole grain crackers with hummus or nut butter
    Smoothie (1c yogurt, 1/2 banana, frozen berries, a little honey)
    Homemade granola
  • AJ_G
    AJ_G Posts: 4,158 Member
    PEANUT BUTTER! Get some natural peanut butter that does not have hydrogenated oil in the ingredient list. It's very calorie dense, it's healthy, and delicious