I think I figured out something ?

Hey everyone ! I have a math analysis . My maintenance per day is 1840 and to lose .5 lb I eat 1590 per day . That being said my maintenance for one week is 12880. If I were to eat 1590 for 6 days then I would have 3340 calories left for the seventh day . So would I be able to indulge one day a week to let's say 2500 calories if for the rest of the week I ate at 1590 ? Because then wouldn't that bring me to still under 12880 meaning that I would still be at a deficit and still losing . I would just be losing very slowly . But this being said I also exercise 5-6 days a week without eating back . So I could still make it to almost .5 loss a week with a really good free meal day


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    You could, but part of the point of eating at a minimal (or fairly minimal) deficit is to be able to sustain it without having to resort to things like that, and eat back at least some of your calories if you're using MFP calculations.
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    I've never seen this work. If I have a "cheat day" the only thing it cheats me of is the lower cals on the other day. I don't end up losing with this theory....
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    Yes you could.
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    As BZAH10 said, and many others....Setting up one day for gluttony is not the way to go.

    Simple answer yes....a weekly deficit is technically the same thing.

    One reason your question is VERY valid, and should be considered by everyone in a weightloss journey is your life isnt the same day after day.

    I work Monday to Friday with a set schedule. Then on saturdays/sundays i do family outings with the kids (14 an 11) My food opportunities are far far greater on my days out with the family.

    So, while i wouldnt call things a cheat day and gorge myself, One COULD sway a higher budget on the weekends to ease the week.

    So rather than
    1800 calories a day, One could do 1700 monday to friday and 1950 sat and sunday.

    However, while this may work......do you know what would be better. Perform than reward.

    Rather than starve yourself 500 calories through the week and have a free/er weekend. Try to find some time to fit in a couple hours extra exercise over the week.Then enjoy the fruits of your labour.

    Remember, earn the extra calories FIRST....not later.
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    Here's what I'm doing and it works for me as long as I meticulously log EVERYTHING.

    Monday thru Thursday I eat to lose roughly a pound a week. Friday thru Sunday I eat at maintenance. I end up losing about .75lb per week.

    When I first started doing it this way, I wouldn't log Friday thru Sunday. I wouldn't go crazy or anything like that, just no logging. I guess what I was doing was over eating my entire week's deficit over the weekend and not losing anything. Now that I know better and log it all, it works fine for me.
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    Yes it works...I often look at weekly totals not just daily.

    But as others have said I don't call it a "cheat" and I don't go about it with abandon either. I log it and don't over eat...

    for example this weekend...I ate and drank more than normal but I didn't over do it and managed to be 8 calories under my goal.

    So average daily intake was 1499...goal to lose is 1500...1 calorie a day under so I should lose 1/2lb this week.
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    If the flexibility of counting your calories by the week keeps you logging and losing then its probably right for you!
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    I'd like to chime in that this works. As others have said, it is calorie cycling. NOT "cheating". It is banking calories for the days you would normally go over.
    I have successfully lost weight this way in the past and am successfully losing (slowly, by choice) this way now.

    It is also a good way to maintain. It is foolish to think that a person needs to eat exactly at maintenance every single day. If you have days where you are a rock star at will power then why not save up for the days you have a harder time so that you can "allow" a treat. NOT a cheat day, a savings account.

    I also "save" exercise calories up for the weekend instead of eating them back every day.
    *****I DO NOT ever net below 1200. YES, I know that is bad.******

    It is science. We don't lose/gain on a daily basis, so if you are still within your weekly goals you will lose or maintain depending on your goals.

    Wishing you tons of success!
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    It works. Keep careful track of your calories on all days.
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    Jruzer wrote: »
    It's calorie cycling. Many people do it successfully. 2500 kcal for one day is hardly gluttony IMO.

    I agree that is currently my maintenance.